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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. If you want to release your product on physical formats such as vinyl, you need a lot of prep-time.
    There are not that many pressing plants anymore and the demand has grown during the last years to such an extent that you have to wait several month until your record is manufactured.
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  2. True, I’m just bummed out that the previously announced Autumn 2019 has turned into January 2020. In fairness I knew it was 99% certain to be delayed to 2020 so I don’t know why I am annoyed really haha.
  3. Such a tease! Happy to hear nonetheless
  4. Why have I only just noticed that On Social Media is exactly the same as The Competition from The Most Incredible Thing?
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  5. Damn you're right! I applaud you for actually remembering something of The Most Incredible Thing.

  6. Brandon Flowers is absolutely starstruck here. The look on his face every time he gazes at Neil.... it’s just adorable.
  7. My best tweet

  8. Just here to say that I fucking love Rent, and I think that it’s their best song. I love the weird video with the rich people stuffing their faces as well...
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  9. Every so often I remember there was a singles run that went from West End Girls to Being Boring and am humbled that I lived through, and was of an age to be able to appreciate such a flawless run of hits. Every single one a bona fide 10/10. Just staggering really.
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  12. I'm wincing at the thought of them doing a tour next year. They'll probably pick the Hydro. It'll be so expensive. OMG I need to save for tickets.
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  13. I'd say they actually surprised me with the sheer amount of music that's coming in these 12 months. Agenda, Musik, this play, a new album... might rival the early 00s as their most productive period. All with touring on top. Of course, we're yet to hear all of it, but surely it's very prolific. I mean, I can shade "Release" and "Closer to Heaven" for days, but the FL discs for "Release" were the shit.
    P.S. A single is almost certain for September.
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  14. Yes that's kind of my point, you know that when they say they'll release something they'll actually come round to doing it because of how consistent they've been, while most artists sound silly when they say that they'll release something without specific dates and details ("soon")

    The only thing it's taking them forever to release is the Alan Turing show, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's being turned into a ballet or something.
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  15. Childless gays coming through with the goods in their late sixties.
    We stan.
  16. jtm


    So this play is not Musik.. what is that then? I‘m confused.
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  18. I've read the Wiki article on the movie (and it's mentioned on the website too) but haven't seen the movie itself... it's waaay before my time! And technically, I wasn't wrong with the description... so yeah, I don't get the patronizing tone.
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  19. You know PSB are from the 80s too?
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