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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. All our bobbleheads have been getting cosy on the same flight.

    Bobbleheads. Amazing.
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  3. Mine arrived this morning!
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  4. Mine are here.

    Love the Actually-era styling.

    Maybe it’s supposed to be Introspective, based on the box. Flop fan. I thought the boys looked more Actually.
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  5. I couldn't decide what era it was either but I settled on Actually too. The box also has Super styling so I wouldn't go by that.
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  6. Discovery is being released on 2CD+DVD:
  7. Ooh, exciting! The gatefold looks brilliant too..

    We should be getting the Annually announcements soon enough, although I feel like it will be so poor in content this time around. 32 pages of questions, here we come!
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  8. Kind of appalled that it’s not a bluray, but it still looks very nice indeed.
  9. I thought swapping Very Disco was so clever at the time. Ordered.
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  10. A lot of video-filmed concerts and music videos simply don't improve by trying to upgrade them to Blu-Ray HD quality, I think. There's such a thing as SD Blu-Ray (I have a couple of those), but it's basically DVDs in a Blu-ray box.
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  11. Ahh I see. True enough. There's only so much they can do depending on the source alright.
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  12. They admitted as much in the description for this new release, basically transferring to Blu-Ray is pointless. Personally I’m a fan of moderate definition! Sometimes high definition looks too sharp and to my eyes a bit cheap for some reason.
  13. It's cute, and I love the Boys getting recognized by younger artists on principle. But while the melody survives the stripped down arrangement, the original production just makes so much more sense for the song. It's the main reason why pretty much all other versions, including PSB's own Barfly version, don't work as well. Ironically, considering it's a Metal band, Gamma Ray's version probably is the one that works best.
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  14. My PSB Pop Vinyls arrived yesterday, they are so cute! I would say it's definitely the Actually era which is good as that's my favourite. It's uncanny how much the Neil one looks like him.
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  15. You know what I've been craving lately? A 40th anniversary extravaganza! Crazy that they've been writing songs for so long...
    Cram a fresh greatest hits, a sort of four-disc final one, with a potential to add a fifth disc one day, and that's it - immediately make all the other ones obsolete. Remaster/re-release all the videos and tours, the albums are covered already, re-release the singles, just preserve everything. We're sadly entering what's realistically a "final decade" for them, so a pretty good opportunity to look back and prepare for the inevitable, and I'd prefer it to be them instead of some careless label head.
  16. Pet Shop Boys, Inevitably.
  17. Completely, Pet Shop Boys.
  18. Pet Shop 40ys.
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