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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Those have been out for years now... Bobby 'O' does these releases from time to time. Tried to release a remix EP recently, didn't pan out. Last thing I saw, they were moved to March.
  2. jtm


    For some reason Opportunities is also somewhere around the top 50 on US iTunes (which is probably where this chart placing mentioned on the last page comes from).
  3. That´s the reason:
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  4. That’s not a great advert, is it? Boost to their profile I guess.
  5. It´s absolutely shit...but I didn´t want to say anything.
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  6. Christ it's awful, I'm kind of surprised they agreed to something so shitty.
  7. I don´t even know what they are advertising.
  8. The Boys have remixed this track

    Release date tbc.
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  9. Is that the PSB mix already? I´m confused.
  10. No, the original version, Mr Weller just confirmed it's happened, but hasn't offered any more info about the remix. Just that it's a 12-minute monster.
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  11. A 12 minute remix, a 10 minute new song...Prog Rock Boys!
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  12. I wonder what got them to say yes to its use in a commercial after decades of always saying no?

    I guess it's not rocket science; two postponed tours and the lowest-selling album of their career, but still...Neil was always so adamant about it in the past...
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  13. They probably don't have much of a say now too, their publishing company may went along in 1994 and agreed to for example not let Tesco use Go West but now? It makes no sense saying no.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I've been listening to nothing but my updated PSB playlist of singles / b sides / album cuts and frankly, what a band. My favourite band.

    I've decided my fave PSB is of the Only The Wind / King's Cross / Only The Dark / Dreaming Of The Queen kind. Any addition suggestions, of that mood, please say so!
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  16. This is my PSB melancholy/mood/chill playlist, kept it at the length of a CD.
    I need to make a poppers o' clock PSB playlist as well.

    West End Girls
    Love Comes Quickly
    What Have I Done To Deserve This
    Rent (might switch it with the single mix to save space)
    It Couldn't Happen Here
    King's Cross
    A New Life
    Being Boring
    This Must Be The Place I've Waited Years To Leave
    To Face The Truth
    DJ Culture
    Dreaming Of The Queen
    To Speak Is A Sin
    In Denial
    Home And Dry
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  17. Great choices, I have all but one song there already!

    Rent is really the best male pop song of all time right? Or up there with George Michael's Cowboys and Angels or Father Figure.

    Me to me at 14 years old pretending to get what the song is about while listening to it:

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  18. The Hacienda version of Violence!
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  19. It's there!
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  20. If we're talking moody melancholy album tracks I've always adored Vulnerable and Invisible.
    I would say Dreaming Of The Queen definitely is a contender for being one of their finest tracks for sure, but with a catalogue so rich it's a tough call!
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