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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. I meant to post this here.

    Just seen this on Amazon, not sure if this means there is a reissue of Pet Shop Boys - Disco 2 on the way, or if it's from a previous edition, but this listing says it's 3 discs, and the original was 2, so, hopefully something comes from this.
    Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 21.34.15.png
    Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 21.34.21.png
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  2. Is Disco 2 the black sheep in their entire discography?
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  3. In terms of reception? Certainly. But at least it's still available on streaming. Disco 4 on the other hand might as well never have existed (although I get that there surely are licensing issues there).
  4. Oh shit, must be a new pressing. It was never my fave obviously, I might skip, but out of all things... Every other Disco album deserved a re-release! Of course, if they add a "Relentless" Bonus LP, it will sell well.

    New avatar check!

    ~edit: the original Disco 2 was a single LP? What the Hell?!
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  5. So what´s it gonna be?
    Disc 1: Original mix. Disc 2: Unmixed versions. Disc 3:?
    Disco 2 is probably my least favourite PSB release ever.
  6. Hopefully Very Relentless.
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  7. Didn’t the original come with two discs?
  8. "A limited edition of the album was released in the United States which contained a second CD with B-sides and additional mixes."
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  9. I remember buying it for a mate for their 18th birthday. I’d originally bought them Stina Nordenstam’s And She Closed Her Eyes which was firmly rejected after about 30 seconds!

    (That has turned out to be one of most favourite albums.)
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  10. Where'd Blue Noir go?
  11. He didn't feel he could stay, for various reasons. I miss his posts.
  12. "Please" was released 35 years ago! What a record.
  13. Disco 1 is the only Disco I need.
  14. I love all Discos tbh.
    Even the floppy third one HAS
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  15. Wasn't the third one received very well because of the swift course correction, and obviously those 4-5 amazing tracks?
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  16. I think the fans liked it, but it only made #36 or something ridiculous like that.
  17. Oh god. Bring me my pipe and slippers.
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  18. I like the songs on Disco 3 quite a lot. They aren't amazing/top tier PSB but they are all enjoyable.
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  19. Disco 3 has some real gems - Positive Role Model and Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man) are two of my favourite PSB songs and this is my all time favourite PSB remix

    Trance heaven!

    Happy 35th birthday Please, probably the best debut album and statement of intent in pop history.
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  20. Disco 3 is great for Somebody Else’s Business alone.
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