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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. No love for ´Here’ Remix ? I love it and vastly prefer it to the original
  2. Why isn't Liberation (my fave PSB single, so sue me) on any of these playlists?!
  3. Along time ago now so I maybe wrong but I vaguely remember their being a fault with the barcode so sales weren't being registered. This was then corrected on the second or third day of release but I guess this meant losing any first day or pre order sales.

    I loved Disco 3 but then I loved Release too so maybe in a minority.
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  4. It's on mine hen
  5. So it is. Phew! Never understood why that isn't more beloved.
  6. Oh, actually (...) yes I remember some problem or other.
  7. I did a new PSB turntable mix of Psychological.
    I love the relentless, sinister bass-riff of Psychological but always wished there was more of it. While fapping around with the loop I noticed that a ridiculous, 4/4 bass-drum was exactly what the song needed. There are also chopped up elements of the Alter Ego mix added for some extra sensory overload. The vocal part starts at around 3:05.
    I really like the extended breakdown of the middle-8 and the bit after "cellophane", where the track begins to soar. It´s one for the bangers brigade for sure.

    I´m currently working on a combination mix of I Want A Dog, trying to balance the best bits of the single mix with the album version.
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  10. No, that doesn't work for playlists. Works for tracks, works for albums, just not for playlists (that are not yours. Is that it?) You get "The specified URL cannot be embedded as media.".
  11. Welp, you're on your own, normally that works
  12. Disco 3 is a weird one for me. Extended versions of the five original songs + Break 4 Love would have made an amazing follow up to Introspective and Relentless. Choose a random adjective out of the dictionary for the title and that’s a trinity right there.
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  13. Additional.
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  14. 80's teleportation activated...

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  15. My order for Live in Rio was cancelled because there was a payment issue (which I can't wrap my head around) and now I'm stressing that my pending order for Annually (which is now sold out) will get cancelled too.
  16. Annoyingly so was mine. I wish their store would take payment when you place the order, rather than waiting till 2 days before payday in a 5 week month! I'll just try and pick it up in HMV at the weekend.
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  17. What's frustrating is there is no payment method reference anywhere so I'm completely in the dark! I didn't realise money wasn't taken upfront? I'm sure that wasn't the case before, but then again I only buy from the store like once a year so they must have changed it.
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  18. I had assumed payment was taken when I placed the order at the time too, very annoying that they didn't let us know we would be charged on dispatch. Hope you can still get a copy of Annually!
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  19. 1:40!
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