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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

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  2. Yesterday was 40 years since the Boys met! Wonder why this wasn't acknowledged by them in any way.
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  3. 25 years of my favourite 90's PSB single. (Though Being Boring is a very close second.)

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  4. Just discovered throught GeoWayne website that there is a different version of Positive Role Model
    PSB rendition
    Mixers: Florian Richter and Kai Deiner
    Disco 3
    album version (4:02)
    Also available on one of the "Further Listening" bonus discs accompanying the 2017 Nightlife reissue

    Mixer: [unknown at this time]
    "Studio version" (4:04)
    A slightly different mix from the above, officially released only on the press promo CD Five Titles from Closer to Heaven

    Looked on YT but I don't seem to find it. Someone know how "slightly different" is this second mix ?
  5. From memory, that mix only chops a bit off the intro (by accident?).... BUT, there's also a demo version which starts with the words "positive role model", and then goes for the sample.
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  6. I finally found the Catalogue book for a decent price after years of looking. It's beautiful! If they re-print it I will flip a table I swear to God. We definitely need a second book though.
  7. Thanx a lot @Future Lover !
  8. I watched the Live in Rio DVD last night, I'd forgotten how soft porn the dancers were. *watches again*
  9. They're working on Annually 2022. What can we expect?

    • 15 pages of questions answered, including Chris saying things like "I quite like toast, if I'm honest"
    • A behind-the-scenes tour prep diary, with lots of discussion of pandemic-era travel and catering
    • Neil deconstructs the recent Paul Weller remix, and talks about the time they met at Smash Hits
    • The announcement that they're working on a soundtrack to an obscure Russian film from 1962 that's actually 48 minutes of Bolshy deconstructed and performed by a string quartet
    • In Your Imagination, a special colouring section featuring images from tour backdrops
    • Opportunities to make lots of money through further licensing of Opportunities (Lets make lots of money) in still more American TV ads
    • The announcement of a complete singles box set, featuring all versions of all songs, but available only on 226 coloured cassettes through their official web site for £1,210 (plus £310 shipping)
    • Neil's forthcoming children's book, Do I have to? about household chores and the importance of learning the value of hard work

    But honestly, I miss them.
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  10. AMAZING!
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