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Pet Shop Boys - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. BBC NYE with Pet Shop Boys !
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  3. The Boys have remixed an obscure little ballad by their remix collaborator Claptone, coming to you midnight. It's pretty good, and Neil's voice is in there as well, as is traditional.
  4. Not ready for Pet Bop Boys!
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  5. PSB related: A Record Store Day release ! And it's Electronic !
    Remix Mini album
    No trackllist yet
  6. This year's issue seems so depressing, but I pre-ordered anyway. Happy about any news from them, really.
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  7. The well has truly home and dried.
  8. Depressing as in…no great content? No music?
  9. Why not both? It's just there because it's about that time, but it's never felt less essential to own. Of course, any morsel of exclusive info will make it all worthwhile, but I guess the tour has been hogging all of their attention right now.

    Someone on their fan forum basically implied that they can't move on from the "Hotspot" era contractually until the tour is over with or cancelled for good, not sure how credible that is.
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  10. Maybe they've got a proper release of something planned so a bundled CD that's going to get limited interest isn't worth it. I can't imagine there's anything contractual about it - they "moved on" with Cricket Wife last year. It's not like they're with a major label anymore and the tour is a greatest hits show.
  11. I just realized that the only things I remember from Hotspot is the rather nice opening song and the very annoying final track that has a sample of the very church bells that wake me up every weekend at 7am.
    I remember nothing in between.
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  12. Me too. This was the best song from the era and it wasn't even on the album

  13. Ah, yes! That´s got a rather nice middle-8 (so nice that they actually repeat it a second time).
    The A-side is one of their worst though.
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  15. I do enjoy Hotspot, but I definitely agree An Open Mind should have been on it.
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  16. Hotspot is an 7.5/10, so make of that what you will.
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  17. There was some amazing b-sides. Decide, rock bottom and an open mind were all album worthy
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