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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. I wish "This must be the place..." had ended up being a Bond theme tune as originally intended. Was it written for "The living daylights"?

    I think it could have worked a treat.
  2. The only one I knew about was the 9:28 one from the Japanese edition of Behaviour - how is the second one different?
  3. I've never really given Release a full, fair listen but love E-Mail, Home and Dry, and I Get Along. These three are better than all but one song on Fundamental for me, but since I've never really listened I wouldn't know how to rank it.

    Yes is probably my favorite, and I realize my age is showing here. Please is also very good.
  4. This. Well, together with Please and Introspective. You Choose is so underrated.
  5. I don't know if I should tag the album as a new album or tag each b-side to its single.
    Always the same problem with b-sides compilations.
  6. Ray


    The other one, 7:23 (if I recall correctly) was b-side to Jealousy.
  7. Random things about Format :

    - I always considered "Always" as very very weak, but today I saw the light : it's pure Pet Shop mellowness and could come from the Please area.
    - Searching for..., Between Two..; and Friendly Fire are the most perfect set of b-sides of Format.
    - It's my first hearing of "Nightlife" (damn DVD-singles) and it's... one of the crappiest Pet Shop songs ever ? I quite liked the disco pastiches of Nightlife (NY city boy and Saturday Night), but this is simply bad.
    - Perfect artwork.
  8. See, I absolutely love Nightlife. I'm always intrigued by songs that end up being the title of said album but don't actually appear on the album....(Culture Club did it twice).
    And personally find Searching For The Face of Jesus to be one of the most unbearable tracks they've ever done (granted, me being an atheist from Memphis, TN mean the lyrics create a particularly rancid taste in my mouth).
    I Didn't Get Where I Am Today is easily the best thing to come out of the Release era and would've been the best on the album had it been included.
  9. I'm ready to change my mind about Nightlife (but not Searching For...), but please help me : what's good where I only manage to hear a very pale and vain (Bee Gees) pastiche ?
  10. I don't care for the lyrics (I'm not fond of "political Neil" moaning about freedom blablabla), but "We're All Criminals now" is (musically) sublime.

    The other Yes b-sides are quite good as well.
  11. Really loving this album. Been listening to it relentlessly since it's release, and loving unexpected B-sides more and more with each listen. Obviously I hadn't invested enough time to them in the past when scattered over various formats.
  12. I picked my copy up at lunchtime. For the amount of songs you get and the way it's presented, it's an absolute bargain. I like how the paper in the booklet feels like thick, high quality book paper instead of the usual thin glossy stuff.
  13. Is it just me or is the remastering on Format pretty awful?

    CD2 is especially bad ... Nearly every track sounds like a demo ... Friendly Fire, Between Two Islands and We're The Pet Shop Boys (the vocoder parts esp.) are the worst offenders ...

    I'll rip it in lossless and give it a go on my iPhone and Sounddock (likely where it will be most listened to) but on my hi-fi it's really bad (I even had to go and check someone hadn't turned off the bi-wiring) ...
  14. jtm


    But Gin And Jag sounds better. My original version off iTunes is too loud somehow.
  15. In fairness, from Girls Don't Cry onwards it does sound fine ... Until then it just sounds unmixed ...
  16. 1 Behaviour
    2= Please/Actually
    4 Very Relentless

    5 Introspective
    6 Fundamental
    7 Yes
    8 Bilingual

    9 Release
    10 Nightlife

    The top four are pretty much perfect; Introspective is great too but Sterling Void's original is obviously far superior to PSB's, although the single version is great. Fundamental, Yes and Bilingual are all excellent albums with a few poor tracks that the earlier albums lack.

    Release is not as bad as some PSB fans (Hi Ray!) reckon but obviously not in the same class as its twin Behaviour.

    Nightlife has In denial on it.
  17. I echo some earlier sentiments. Really enjoying listening to Format. I was not as big a fan during this period as I was in the Alternative epoch so didn't even listen to some of the tracks properly first time round (not helped by them not being *proper* b-sides like in the old gramophone days/the 80s) but the album's great, in particular side B.

    Now roll on the new album!
  18. 1997/2000 b-sides are the worst.

    Somewhere is really a low point in Pet Shop Boys discography : not only the a-side is a crappy cover, but the b-sides are terrible (Disco Potential and The View From The Balcony).

    And not only Nightlife is at the low end of the list of their album, but the b-sides too : besides Silver Age and maybe The Ghost Of Myself, these songs are very uinspired (the worst being Screaming).

    Anyway, Format is far more than I expected (a collection of songs I already knew and love for the most part) : a real double album, and a real journey. It's another case of "The sum is much more than the addition of the parts", I guess (and a proof that compilations and collections, if rightly done, are not useless in ITunes times).
  19. I'm really getting into old school Pet Shop Boys right now. I have more or less followed them since PopArt but never really delved into their vast back catalogue.

    Speaking of which, is Catalogue worth getting? From what I've seen, it seems fantastic and I love coffee table books that link music, photography and graphic design (Kylie's La La La is one of my most treasured possessions!).
  20. jtm


    I finally did that two years ago by ordering all the Further Listenings. What an amazing experience that was. King's Cross is my favorite Pet Shop Boys song since then.
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