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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. I wanted more PSB-Xenomania brilliance! Boo!
  2. There was none in the first place?
  3. Ray


    Oooh errr missus, etc.

    For some of us (me) Love Etc. is their best single ever.
  4. I'm a little worried by the choice of the producer, but maybe it's a genius unexpected move ?
  5. As much as I loved Yes and especially the three tracks co-written with Xenomania, I would never want another album like that. What's the point of repeating themselves?
    Bring on something new and exciting! I am really looking forward to this!
  6. Brilliant, great to hear it again. It's great when they're listening to unfinished songs and Closer To Heaven comes on, three years before it was released.
  7. Ray


    "We've never been about the truth"

    So what ever happened to the Ant & Dec demoes you keep on saying don't exist despite having played them on About?

  8. What with Dawson's work on the Kanye album, I'm getting the feel the new PSB record is going to be kind of to Bilingual what Yes was to Very (and that's a good thing in my eyes).
  9. jtm


    I'm worried to say the least.
  10. It'll still sound like PSB, it always does no matter who produces it! Just differing shades of PSB but PSB all the same.
  11. Just seen on the PSB site Morten Harket's releasing a new album in April with the PSB-penned song, "Listening" on it. Keen to hear Morten's soaring voice with PSB melodies. I often think "Lifelines" was very PSB in mood and melody.
  12. I listened that hour long Radio 1 interview, I just love hearing them discuss their process!

    Part 2 was blocked though.

    Edit: I cannot decide if I want to tag all the tracks of Format with their respective A-Sides or just leave them all under the Format album. With my OCD and obsession, the fact that I have all the Yes era b-sides (and some others) tagged under the single they were released on - I'm not sure if I want to make it all messy. This is so stupid.
  13. Fuck me that singer is awful ...
  14. The producer concerns me.....
  15. Andrew Dawson? I don't know much about him other than he works with Kanye but I'm very excited about this album. I think it'll be a lot better than Yes, which I liked, but this album is shaping up to be more exciting.
  16. I think so too. I wasn't a big fan of Yes, and I think the Xenomania way of songwriting didn't fit their style at all, leaving a lot of the songs in a disjointed mess. This is the most inspired producer choice they've had in ages.
  17. As much as I find the fun. single and the Gotye song rather OK, I sooo hope Pet Shop Boys\' new album wouldn\'t sound like that...:|
  18. Just fallen back in love with Fundamental - played loudly on a great quality stereo it sounds incredible! Definately in my Top 3 albums of theirs (Very and Yes being the other two).
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