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Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. In Being Boring his "shoes were high" and he "had scored".
    I have already said, that the line in An Open Mind is very Robyn.
  2. True - but not as blatant. I think the years have erased the instinct to be cryptic.
  3. The song surprised me as I wasn't expecting that from Stuart Price, but I like it a lot and definitely more than Dreamland. The melody on the chorus is magnificent and the lyrics are great.
  4. An Open Mind is the best thing they have done in years, it's like a Domino Dancing for the 21st century ie amazing.

  5. Neil in 2029:
    'Top me daddy with your 12" heel'
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  6. Fingers crossed.
  7. "Burning The Heather" feels like a grower so too soon to comment but the fact that it's more like a Release track makes me very happy.
  8. I remember an interview with Neil where he said he was a top. Please amend lyrics.
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  9. Neil a top.

    Hmmm maybe.
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  10. Liking this a lot. Very classic melodies, and Neil’s vocals sounding as good as ever.
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  11. How have I missed all this? I really like all the Dreamland tracks, all were instant for me. Burning the Heather is nice too, got me all excited for the album and the tour, i think it's about time to see them live.
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  12. I’m floored An Open Mind is a b-side. It’s so good it deserves a (hot)spot on the parent album.
  13. An Open Mind is lead single material. I can't believe it's a b-side!

    I was a bit underwhelmed by Dreamland the song. It feels a bit like it would be a bonus-track on a greatest hits collection (which it kind of is, given it's the greatest hits tour namesake).

    Burning the Heather sounds as if it could have come from Fundamental or Elysium. It's a fine album track, but not a single.
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  14. Burning The Heather is actually really nice - surprised to read the mixed reaction. Dreamland is... a direction they should stop exploring.
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  15. Burning the Heather is incredibly Release. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Plus that fifth verse has one of the worst rhyming couplets they've ever committed to file.
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  16. I really enjoy a good PSB sentimental ballad, but Burning... is very lazy.
    So far we have a lazy ballad, a lazy pop song with Dreamland and two amazing b-sides.
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  17. Burning the Heather reminds me of I Get Along, it's a nice song, but I probably won't revisit it until the album is out. I'm getting Release vibes from this era, you know, when the b-sides are better than the album.
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  18. I really like Dreamland
  19. (All day all day)

    Watch them all fall down

    (All day all day)

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  20. Actually getting serious Dubstar vibes from Burning The Heather. The warm production, melodies and chords. And Sarah has always been the female Neil vocally, of course.
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