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Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. It is completely awful.
  2. Okay Andy Bell.
  3. Monkey had grown on me a lot. Lyrically it seems like something they wrote years ago. Actually like all three album tracks so far.
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  4. Yeah there’s defo a sort of Greatest Hits feel of what we’ve been fed so far. Covering different parts of their career.
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  5. I have tickets to the Greatest Hits tour and am now wishing it was a Hotspot tour, the new songs are that good.
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  6. I hate lists, but here's a list anyway

    An open mind
    Monkey business
    Burning the heather
    No boundaries

    Seriously, the first three are pretty great, the other three less so, but very listenable.
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  7. Should we be panicky that the end of the trilogy, a greatest hits tour and an album of songs that hark back to former glories might mean...gulp.
    They’ll never retire will they. Chris looks like he’s wanted to pack it in for years.
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  8. Retire to do what?
    Look at Berlin buildings on airbnb all day?
  9. Nah, they mentioned this might be a hint "of where we go next", so they'll definitely go on.
    I would love more singles reissues, though. Complete "Please" mixes on streaming, please.
  10. If Chris - who has spent 35 years looking as disengaged as possible - starts looking excited, that's when we should worry.
  11. Well this was my thought..sometimes you get that vibe that they just do it cause what else would they do?
  12. I know how nauseating this sounds but I genuinely think that, as they always have been, they're in it for the music.
  13. Oh god I know. I adore them. I thought maybe they’d do more of the theatre stuff or soundtracks or other stuff and move away from their own stuff. I sincerely hope not.
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  14. Go shopping with Janet
    Holiday in Russia
    Return Library books
  15. I'm enjoying Monkey Business for the bop that it is.

    The production is great, the lyrics are less great but it's a fun little ditty and it's always great to have more stuff from the boys.
  16. Out of all my Top 10 favs they are the only act who are still regularly putting out music as often as they do. So I can’t see them quitting all of a sudden, they seem to enjoy it still.
    The fact we’re getting a new album with an EPs worth of B-Sides & an actual EP was released within the same year shows they still do it because they want to do it.
    As opposed to the dreaded 4 year + album cycle.
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  17. Not to mention reissuing around... 320-ish(!) tracks before that.
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  18. Monkey Business is pretty great to my ears.
  19. The three bonus instrumentals on the bonus disc of the next St Etienne album.
  20. I don't think they'll ever actually "retire" in the sense of deliberately calling an end to their career. I feel like they just take every album as it comes, and if they don't feel like making another one at some point, they just won't. In fact, I wonder that their pattern of ending every album since Yes with a song that hints at disbandment is their way of ensuring that their final album, whatever it turns out to be, ends on something appropriate.
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