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Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Hotspot (released 24/1/2020)
    01 Will-o-the-wisp
    02 You are the one
    03 Happy people
    04 Dreamland
    05 Hoping for a miracle
    06 I don’t wanna
    07 Monkey business
    08 Only the dark
    09 Burning the heather
    10 Wedding in Berlin

    Official store: CD | Vinyl | Cassette
    Amazon: CD | Vinyl

    Hotspot - The Special Edition (released 24/1/2020)

    [includes a bonus disc of album instrumentals]
    Official store: 2xCD
    Amazon: 2xCD (.es website)

    Dreamland [feat. Years & Years]

    Digital EP
    01 Dreamland
    02 An open mind
    03 No boundaries

    Stream: Spotify | Deezer
    Purchase: Qobuz

    CD Single
    01 Dreamland
    02 An open mind
    03 No boundaries
    04 Dreamland [PSB Remix]
    05 Dreamland [TWD Vocal Remix]

    Purchase: Official store | Amazon


    Remixes EP / 12'' Vinyl

    01 Dreamland [PSB Remix]
    02 Dreamland [TWD Vocal Remix]
    03 Dreamland [TWD Dub]
    04 Dreamland [Jacques Renault Remix]

    Stream: Spotify | Deezer
    Purchase: Official store | Amazon | Qobuz (files)


    Exclusive German 7'' Vinyl (Blue)
    01 Dreamland [feat. Years & Years]
    02 Always on my mind / The Pop Kids [Live]

    Purchase: | Discogs

    Burning the heather

    7'' single

    01 Burning the heather [Radio Edit]
    02 Decide

    Purchase: Official store | Amazon

    Digital EP

    01 Burning the heather [Radio Edit]
    02 Decide
    03 Decide [CYA Remix]

    Stream: Spotify | Deezer
    Purchase: Qobuz

    Monkey business

    Radio Edit

    Stream: Spotify | Deezer
    Purchase: Qobuz

    Monkey business EP (released 7/2/2020)
    01 Monkey business [Radio Edit]
    02 Monkey business [Prins Thomas Diskomiks]
    03 At rock bottom
    03 Monkey business [Friend Withing Remix]

    CD: Official store | Amazon
    Vinyl: Official store | Amazon
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  2. Confirmation of the release date:

    Rumored first single is a collaboration with Years & Years (maybe their previously mentioned song "Dreamland"), and they teased a guest at their upcoming Hyde Park show. I suppose that's when they're going to premiere it, and maybe even release it in the next couple of weeks.

    Upcoming stuff:
    Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park (Sep 15)
    First single (September?)
    'My Beautiful Launderette' soundtrack (September premiere, release date TBA)
    Album (Jan '20)
    Annually 2020 (pre-order Feb '20, released Apr '20)
    Re-release of 'Literally' and 'Pet Shop Boys vs America' books (Mar '20)
  3. I've heard some out of the box tour tea about them too...
  4. I've always loved their transparency + precise, detail-oriented releases. They seem really involved with their own work & everything's always so classily done. Looking forward to the new album!
  5. Well... do spill!
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  6. I hope the U.K. leg is after the album drops. Last time was a weird set up. She likes to know the bopps before she bopps
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  7. I want to be a Pet Shop Boy when I grow up.
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  8. Tracey Thorn posted on Twitter a while ago about meeting with the Boys so possible duet on the new album as well?
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  9. Scalp me lads. Give me Burn x12, just to annoy @Ray.
  10. My fagdar just blew up.
    A literal dream.
  11. This is exciting, although if it turns out to be their "collaborations" album, I will be somewhat less excited.

    Has this last year been their most productive ever? The sheer number of things they're involved with right now is staggering.
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  12. I do hope they looked at Record for some inspiration
  13. I didn't think I was ready for new PSB, but here I am, bring it!
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  14. Got a bit emosh watching this.
  15. It really is a tragedy that Love etc. didn't manage to go Top 10.
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  16. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I remember it as being "their last hit", so I was surprised it wasn't at the end of the video.
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  17. I can't handle these "announcement of an announcement" Gaga shenanigans, so they better spill a lot!

  18. It's a tour.
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    Ahem I see it's on this very page. But I still don't see it on Spotify. Where is it?
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