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Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. If that's the cover, it's even less "commercial" than Release.

    Watch it be called Dreamscapes and feature mostly ambient instrumental compositions.

    I genuinely don't know what to expect this time around!
  2. My Cocteau Twins ambient loving pale textures and landscapes wig is s h o o k.

    It's really quite dull looking, but in a pretty way? How rebellious!
  3. Personally, it's giving me The xx "I See You" teas. I fully expect a slightly reflective blank silver cover at this point, "Fade" as the title.
  4. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I really hope this isn't it. It looks like a shower curtain that hasn't been cleaned in years.
  5. ooh love
  6. Are they already busy rehearsing for the tour? Writing music for the Czech National Ballet? Recording their new Christmas song "It does snow quite often at Christmas, actually" ??

    I'm impatient for an album announcement, even though I know the release date is more than two months away...
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  7. Honestly same. Someone posted a fake version of the cover above with the title "turbulent" and my heart jumped a bit.
    So, "Behaviour" Vol. 2? "Dreamland" as the counterpart to Seriously?, track #04 and all that, on top of being declared as this album's red herring? "An open mind" being cut from the disc for being too cheery?
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  8. I think the album will be quite dour. Sort of in the vein of The Dictator Decides. That and the agenda EP with Dreamland I think we’re gonna get quite a dark dystopian album dealing with anxiety, depression and I think a portion of the record will be a commentary on world politics and the Brexit situation. I don’t see joyous bopps factoring in.
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  9. Brexit bops?
  10. Brex bop boys.
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  11. LE.U Bopp Kids
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  12. Artwork by Farrowage
  13. News tomorrow morning! Hopefully they're getting on with it and we'll get the title, artwork, tracklist and an album taster in one go.
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  14. Album name is... Hotspot. Cover is the leaked one.
  15. [​IMG]


    1 Will-o-the-wisp
    2 You are the one
    3 Happy people
    4 Dreamland
    5 Hoping for a miracle
    6 I don’t wanna
    7 Monkey business
    8 Only the dark
    9 Burning the heather
    10 Wedding in Berlin
  16. Song is also out now - burning the heather

    (Sorry just seen posted above)
  17. The inner sleeve image would have made such a beautiful cover.
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  18. Great artwork.
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  19. Burning the Heather is lovely, very moody and seasonal. By far the best thing they’ve done this year.
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