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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Burning The Heather is...heavy. Kinda reminds me of Love Is a Catastrophe sonically, but thankfully the lyrics aren't so awful.

    With the new song's lyrics, the album title and some of the song titles, I feel like this album will be centred around the climate crisis which explains the cover a bit better - it looks like they're fading into the polluted air. I just wish Neil and Chris's figures were in the centre and zoomed out a bit, because it kinda just looks like a candid shot of them that's been smudged a bit in Photoshop.
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  3. Oh wow. You're not wrong. Or this decade.
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    Oh of course they announce a show in Bournemouth (which is driveable, half the journey and I have relatives there I can stay with) after I've already paid for the London show. Why don't they try not to break my heart and make it so hard for myself.
  5. jtm


    This is really beautiful (even though I read that as Burning the Heathen first ddd).

    I hope this is the spiritual sequel to Fundamental with some moody, dark songs about Brexit and climate change.
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  6. Can't you sell your London ones? Most sites now have a fan resale thingie or you can list them on Ticketswap etc?
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  7. mpl


    But Bournemouth was announced at the same time as London?
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  8. Oh dear.

    The album cover, I'm not a fan. I'd honestly rather just have a black square with the title than that.

    The song itself, also not for me. When they first hinted at saving the moodier songs for the third album that was to be produced by Stuart Price I was really hoping they'd do an album I've been wanting them to do for a long time - a heavy, electronic and "dark" album. I've been hoping they'd do, sound wise, an album of Psycholgoical/Mein Teil (PSB remix)/Invisible... hell even the final section of Twentieth Century type stuff.
    Whenever they make the jangly guitars the main focal point of the music it just doesn't work, no matter who is playing them (Bernard, Johnnny). I don't know if it's the lyrics or just because it's Neil singing in that setting but the the songs always sound so mawkish.

    If Dreamland is to be the outlier "bop", and I use that term loosely for that track, then yikes.
    Still, we've heard 2 of 10 songs so far so I'm sure there'll be something I'll like - there usually is.
  9. Their worst ever cover for me. It looks like a placeholder image. So bland.
  10. Well Burning The Heather... is what it is and that’s that on that.

    The melody is lovely but this isn’t for me I think.
  11. From Agenda through to the recent 4 tracks including b-sides its been a really mixed bag. The two album tracks are so different to one another. I have absolutely no idea what to expect in January. An Open Mind is still the one for me at the moment
  12. This is all very, very...not good.
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  13. @OspreyQueen how did you get into the Pet Shop Hennies? I've seen younger people into Madonna, Janet even Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Sprinsgteen but people your age stanning PSB is iconic I must say?
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  14. Inland Empire

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  15. Ooof it was a close one with Elysium! Glad you stan.
  16. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Thank god for Leaving, Memory of the Future and Requiem in Denim & Leopardskin and Ego Music which I loved at the time sksk
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  17. The cover is very the film Arrival isn’t it?
    Aliens from another world trying to give us information to protect ourselves before we kill ourselves.
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  18. I love the artwork and LOVE the new song.
    Iconic taste.
  19. Apparently it's the only guitar-y song on the album.
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  20. Love the artwork and title, song didn't do much for me but will probably wait until it's all out to digest it.
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