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Are there going to be advance/priority tickets available for the 2020 tour or is it general sale only on Friday?
Someone mentioned "Tracks" as an album title suggestion - I would totally be here for that!
Imagine if over the course of the last 7 years they identified tracks which sounded like they would fit onto a hits compilation and kept them back for the final part of the trilogy

Inland Empire

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Dreamland is...kind of a letdown. Neil and Olly's voices don't work together at all, and I get that the production is supposed to sound 80s but it just sounds cheap and dated. There's a way to do throwbacks that don't sound like they're stuck in the past (e.g. Axis, Burn, Up In Flames by Years & Years), and this isn't it.

I gotta say though, I really hope the "placeholder" title and cover are in fact the actual title and cover. The artwork for Electric and Super looked like they had no effort put into them at all, so it'd be iconic for them to...literally not put any effort into the final part of the trilogy.
He has a great stylist :o)

Is it the same one as Kate Bush?
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Just tried another few listens - it starts out 80s-ish with that generic synth but then it turns into some kind of 2000s dance pop house thing. I'm sure they have worked hard on it but it would be better if it was just Neil singing, Ollie's voice is probably more suited to house (Play is a great tune).

Dreamland reminds me of Summer Of Love by Steps (the latter is better)