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Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. I’d like the album title to be fitting with the Trilogy, so whatever works well with Electric & Super.

    Fingers crossed they do something fab like a pop up shop again for the albums release.
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  2. Well, this is decent, but not the course correction I was hoping for after Subpar. The vocals (both of them) sound TERRIBLE.
  3. I’m afraid Dreamland isn’t working for me at all. Perhaps it’s a grower not a shower.
  4. jtm


    I love the production. The vocals in the beginning are a bit jarring but apart from that I‘m very here for this. I‘d love a slightly extended version with an instrumental part of just the existing synthline.
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  5. I liked the clip more than the full thing
  6. jtm


    The tour is called Dreamworld. I thought it was a lazy mistake by the PR people first.
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  7. Yep, up there in the thread title!
  8. 'Dreamland' is such an un-Pet Shop Boys song title, I hope it's not the album title!
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  9. I changed 2 letters to express what I feel about the song.

    So, the album could be called AUSFAHRT. The word appears in the video but Ausfahrt is not the word you would see in a subway station. That would be Ausgang (Exit). Ausfahrt is the exit for a car from a street/Highway.
    *Last album alert*
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  10. Why am I pronouncing that as us-fart?

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  11. Dreamland is a bop and a half.
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  12. After Up In Flames being so Please/Actually-esque, I hoped for a collab in the vain of that, but this... isn't.
  13. This is A Red Letter Day. I'll take it.

    The repetitive chanting of "I'm gonna wake up to-" in the run up to the middle 8 gets me every time.
  14. This is so bad. Especially the chorus.
  15. This is a great bop. Added to my PSB playlist for the gym. (Along with In Private... Where has that been hiding!?)

    I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but seriously, the fact these boys are banging out songs of this quality this far into their career is outstanding.

    Long live the PSB!
  16. In Private can go back into hiding
  17. I think the new song is solid, surprised so many here dislike it.
    Could the album title be “Exit” ?
    (Something tongue in cheek about brexit)
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  18. 'Solid' might be more appropriate!
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