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Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Somebody Elses Business was the rate discovery for me as well. It has so many different layers and moods. It´s sinister, campy fun, quite OTT, a bit Abba, a bit Soul Sonic short it´s got everything I want from them....And yes, the extended mix is the one.
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  2. I have an odd feeling that Disco 5 will feature an eleven minute 90's-style remix of Wedding in Berlin, which will basically be a loop of Neil singing "we're getting married...." over and over again.
  3. I'm still yet to experience a Disco release as a glorified fan.
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  4. I would be more than happy if the words "90´s-style remix" and "Pet Shop Boys" would be a thing of the past.
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  5. I would be here for that.
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  6. What´s with all those random "official audio"-videos that are being uploaded on their official YT-channel today? Not that I mind, though. I had to add my ramblings to 2/0.
  7. I’ve not checked for them since Fundamental and I dived into this today and genuinely really liked it.

    Monkey Business and You Are The One are the highlights for me.
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  8. The Boys were a part of "Smithsonian Presents: Project Pride", a Pride Month celebration / "live" event. They performed a "New Lockdown Version" of "West End girls". Catch them around 1h 55m in.
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  9. You only need the first and third ones.
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  10. I’ve got the first one which is great, I’ve heard the second, which, I enjoyed but it felt like more of a dub mix making it very repetitive. I haven’t heard the third one but I’ve heard good things.
    I wouldn’t say no to that box set they mentioned a few years ago.

    Oh and Liberation not even featuring Neil at all, you wouldn’t even know it was a Pet Shop Boys song.
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  11. Thanks for posting (incl. the timestamp). I really like this version, even if they took out my favourite part (the upward bass figure that underlies the West! End! Girls!-bit. Exchanging it for a pres-set drum fill is a choice.
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  12. They have posted this as a stand alone video now:
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  13. How charming that Neil was on a walk, decided to stop where the light was good and simply performed this into his phone. Icons only!
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  14. Is that new vocals? I thought Neil's voice was starting to sound a bit ragged on Hotspot, but here he sounds like he just stepped out from the 80s!
  15. Officially, yes. "On his laptop at home, Chris played and programmed a new backing track which he forwarded to Neil who then recorded his vocals. Pete Gleadall then mixed the track." Separately, Neil told the Guardian about the vocals being recorded on a walk.
  16. mpl


    I think Neil said he did the lip sync on the walk. He’d already recorded the vocals prior to that I think.
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  17. Ah, that makes more sense. Thank you for clarifying. I did wonder how the entire thing could sound so clear with wind, etc.
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  18. I ordered ‘It couldn’t happen here’ from the BFI and it arrived today. It’s fantastically packaged. A joy to behold.
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  19. It sounds so good!
  20. I suspect they are happy that their tour (now ten months away) is not directly tied to Hotspot. What an odd time for artists who are now waiting to showcase records that will be nearly a year old before they can tour again (barring another virus setback). I do wonder what Neil and Chris will do over the course of the next year...
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