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Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. These pre-sales are shit. £130? Muffy sis, the insolvency.
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  2. Where can I find the prices?
  3. I hope the boys tour outside of Europe and the US.
  4. They nearly always do
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  5. it’s not bad but I really don’t like how the melody goes exactly where you expect it to go. There’s not one second of surprise.. sadly this feels like PSB by the numbers
  6. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Is the O2 show definitely all seated? I wanna take my mum but she couldn't stand up for a whole concert.
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  7. Cardiff floor tickets were £90 so I'll be up on the balcony in the cheaper seats.

    Can't believe I will be seeing my faves still performing in their 60s.
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  8. Wow, those are some hefty prices. PSB are still on my bucket list but I'm already maxed out on other tickets and travel. Hopefully there'll be a Ticketmaster offer or some tickets left next year.
  9. I'd... be here for consistent singles artwork in this vein.
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  10. I'm so disappointed that they're doing an official greatest hits tour. The term "first greatest hits tour" even suggests that there will be more to follow in the future. It would have been bearable if they had put out another greatest hits album, but touring on the back of a new album release without even playing a handful of its songs is just lame and an obvious attempt to attract more casual fans or radio listeners. Their regular sets are already filled with the same greatest hits (both the ones they always play and the ones they alternate between two tours) I'd gladly swap for more album tracks, B-sides or rarely played singles. What I always liked about Pet Shop Boys live is that they're usually aiming to surprise their hardcore fans by playing album tracks from previous albums (sometimes even for the first time) and spicing things up with the occasional B-side.

    If greatest hits means UK top 10s, the most recent track played will be 'I'm with stupid' from 2006. Apart from 'You only tell me you love me when you're drunk' (which was #8), most of the singles they haven't played for ages and I'd like to see them play were top 15: 'I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more', 'Yesterday, when I was mad' and 'DJ culture'. I doubt they'll make an appearance. Well, looking at the drastic increase of PSB ticket prices since I last saw them (on the Electric tour), I can at least save the money.
  11. It's okay, but.... the vocals! Jesus wept.
  12. I'm happy with them doing a greatest hits tour, as long as I get a new studio album. I'm sure they know that the majority of people who come along to the shows want the hits, they may as well underline that on the promo so that Sandra from accounts shells out for tickets.
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  13. It being a greatest hits tour has allowed them to upgrade to much bigger venues for the first time in a few tours.

    The campaign starts here for them to perform Heart!
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  14. I think it's a given that they'll play all four UK #1s.
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  15. I expect so but I get the impression they don't like it much. I have seen them 3 times and they only sang it on 1 out of the 3 tours. It should be as much of a tour staple as Always On My Mind and West End Girls.
  16. "Heart" is cute and basic, but you know, they have a bunch of gorgeous tracks, and gorgeous devours cute obviously. Did someone from the forum snatch tickets for tomorrow or Sunday?
  17. jtm


    Calling it a Greatest Hits tour will have a minimal impact on the set list. But the venue size is surprising.
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  18. Yes, they neglected it for ages until they played it on two consecutive tours (Cubism and Pandemonium), then they gave it a rest again. As I wouldn't mind never hearing 'Always on my mind' again live (or on the radio) due to it being overplayed, I'd be happy if they instead played 'Heart' more often. It's the only #1 they don't play regularly.
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