Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

A greatest hits tour would sell very well in Oz so I hope they come here next year.
I got to see the Electric and Super Tours in Europe, I saw them in a big Circus Tent in Freiburg for the Electric Tour... lots of fun.
I'd... be here for consistent singles artwork in this vein.
So what better title than WEDDING could they chose for the album?! The artwork is already done!
(for your information: Wedding has always been a blue-collar district. During the city´s seperation it was located in the west, but almost completely surrounded by the wall. So nobody wanted to live there. Housing was cheap, crime-rate high. Then the foreign workers started to live there and they make up more than a third of the population. To this day Wedding has somehow refused to get completely overrun by hipsters and gentrification...most likely not for very much longer.)

Mr. Farrow is a bit late with the artwork, though.
I wish they'd perform Red Letter Day instead of Se a Vida e, they've performed the latter to death.

Chris looked jolly last night! I rarely see him smile.