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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. My perfect greatest hits tour setlist
    1. The Pop Kids
    2. Suburbia
    3. Im With Stupid
    4. Heart
    5. Liberation
    6. It's A Sin
    7. Leaving
    8. Where The Streets Have No Name
    9. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
    10. Flamboyant
    11. Vocal
    12. Minimal
    13. Invisible
    14. Before
    15. So Hard
    16. Domino Dancing
    17. Can You Forgive Her?
    18. Miracles
    19. Love Comes Quickly
    20. Being Boring
    21. Domino Dancing
    22. Always On My Mind
    23. West End Girls
    24. Go West (I loathe it but lets be realistic)
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  2. Liberation and Leaving...Swoon.
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  3. Ya know what would be the perfect Greatest Hits setlist?



    You only tell me you love me when you're drunk
    Love Etc
    Go West
    New York City Boy
    Pop Kids
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  4. -

    Dj Culture
    Was it worth it
    Where the streets have no name

    I'm not scared
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  5. no
  6. Eaux. I know we all agree about Discography being one of the best compilations of all time, but it's kind of sad reducing them to it since they had ten more albums and almost thirty years of a career after that. And probably the same amount of top 20 hits, but I'm too lazy to check. I mean, it's like reducing Madonna to The Immaculate Collection, when we know that her most adventurous decade was ahead of her.

    But hey, it's for the gee-pee!
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  7. Exactly.

    It's not that their later albums aren't good, just that Please, Actually and Behaviour are the greatest male electronic pop albums of the 80s, soooooo.
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  8. The Immaculate Collection is properly amazing though. Let's not!
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  9. I didn't slander TIC in any way! too bad it had dem remixes though ddddddd
    I mean, they already use Discography as the core of many shows, but if they're doing a single-centric show, an outing of "Drunk" or "Minimal" or "Miracles" (again!) would be more than welcome. Or a rotating setlist! Ugh, so many great possibilites. DVD with a CD of tour mixes instead of a boring live album? A 4CD complete singles box? Gimme!
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  10. Stop pitting 60 yr old gay icons wot did really well against each other challenge innit.
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  11. A final Greatest hits from the boys called "Pension" would be a cackle and very them though.
  12. psb yes.png
  13. Just made a great 4 hour-ish, 4xCD playlist with all of their singles. And honestly...

  14. Now that would be funny!
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  16. Their earlier Agenda EP this year has been all but forgotten by them, I'd like On Social Media on the new set list please.
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  17. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Neil and Chris when they see me filming them performing that song

  18. It's a greatest hits tour.
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  19. aux


    I'm tempted to go to this
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  20. Having a greatest hits tour/campaign a couple of weeks before Glastonbury kicks off seems too perfect to be a coincidence. I'm convinced they've already locked in the legends slot.
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