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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Go. I've seen them live 6-7 times and they ALWAYS deliver. Always. I mean the bops.

    I actually saw them do a Greatest Hits show in 2000, they did a couple festivals that summer in Europe and then came to play in Athens two shows, with the same hits-packed setlist. It was soooo good.

    I had my first D the next month after that, so PSB made me gay.
  2. Gay Agenda EP
  3. PSB live on paper shouldn't work. Two older blokes who don't actually do a lot on stage doesn't sound amazing. Yet somehow you always come away overwhelmed at how fabulous they are live. They're my joint second most seen act live with Madonna.
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  4. I've only seen them 3 times, and yeah every tour is pretty much greatest hits. They are great.

    Being Boring is probably my fave.
  5. I'm sure they will perform some new material from the new album as well as Dreamland which is not a 'greatest hit'.
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  6. 'My Beautiful Launderette' soundtrack

    Act 1

    Johnny's Dark Side
    Omar's Theme
    Beautiful Laundrette
    Angelic Thug (Instrumental)

    West End Girls
    Angelic Thug

    Act 2

    I get excited
    Omar's Theme
    Left to my own devices
    Beautiful Laundrette Theme
    Hit music
    In the night
    Tonight is forever
    Later tonight
    No boundaries.

    New stuff in bold, "Angelic Thug" and "No boundaries" are the new vocal tracks!
  7. A cheeky confirmation that we're getting more tracks released this year

    Dreamland (digital)
    1. Dreamland
    2. An open mind
    3. No boundaries

    Dreamland – remixes (digital)
    1. Dreamland (PSB remix)
    2. Dreamland (TWD vocal remix)
    3. Dreamland (TWD dub)
    4. Dreamland (Jacques Renault remix)

    Dreamland (12-inch vinyl single)
    A1. Dreamland
    A2. Dreamland (PSB remix)
    B1. Dreamland (TWD vocal remix)
    B2. Dreamland (TWD dub)

    Dreamland (CD single)
    1. Dreamland
    2. An open mind
    3. No boundaries
    4. Dreamland (PSB remix)
    5. Dreamland (TWD vocal remix)

    Remix artwork:
  9. So two b sides then. Good the album will remain a listen.
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  10. The often used Neil-ism "Where Angels fear to tread" comes to mind when I think what the new material could be like.
    Never ever have I felt like this about new PSB. Thanks for nothing, Agenda and Dreamland.
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  11. Is the cd single a store exclusive?
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  12. Indeed, but they pop up on Amazon at some point too.
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  14. Waiting for a leak, album name and artwork announcement gimme gimme gimme

  15. So this physical item does exist and the songs are not "out there" yet?!
    I´m not quite sure, if this is a good or a bad sign.
  16. Things rarely leak these days, in all honesty. Especially if only a couple of these were sent out early, it's easier to track who did it. The last "leak" I remember was people recording "Madame X" vinyl that was sold early. We'll have it all in 48 hours anyway, when the good sis New Zealand gets them up.
  17. I went to see My Beautiful Laundrette last week and the use of Pet Shop Boys music is really great, probably the best thing about it really. No Boundaries sounded good too.
  18. I didn't realise it was already on. Not sure how keen I am to see it though. I love both the orignal film and the Pet Shop Boys, but not a fan of jukebox musicals.
  19. It's not a musical at all, it's a play. The Pet Shop Boys music is only really used between scene changes and occasionally left on in the background if the scene requires it. It's about halfway through the tour having started in September. It's currently in Leeds, then it's on to Coventry and Birmingham.
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