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Pet Shop Boys - New Album "Elysium" (September 2012)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MikeyC, May 6, 2012.

  1. That's because 'The Way It Used To Be' is a masterpiece. 'Home And Dry' isn't in the same league.
  2. I'd have to disagree... I love them both equally. "Home & Dry" is one of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs, actually and I feel I have to stand up for it. It's beautifully simple and wistful, the autotune bit is gorgeous and I love Chris's vocal contribution. I think it was only the video that didn't do it justice.
  3. I quite like the leaked track, even if I don't believe it will be a single. Really looking forward to the album.
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Home & Dry is a PSB modern classic.
  5. jtm


    Never got into that song as the video totally put me off it.
  6. By the way: Astralwerks will release the new album in the USA and according to their website the album will be released there on September 18th. That information is more concrete than the official PSB website, stating the album will be released "in September".
  7. I hope we see some hints of the artwork soon!
  8. I liked the artwork for Yes but it does look a little bit cheap, doesn't it?
  9. Cannot. Wait.
  10. According to music industry magazine Music Week's release listings, PET SHOP BOYS will release a single entitled 'Down In The Woods' on July 2nd. This is in addition to the previously announced listing of a single called 'Winner' on August 6th.
  11. Curious! "Down in the woods" doesn't sound a very Pet Shop Boys title though.
  12. It sounds like a song about cruising to me . . . Or bears . . . Or both!
  13. David Walliams has Tweeted this morning:
    Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe from Pet Shop boys have asked me to do a commentary with them for their new album which will go on ITunes.
  14. A&E


    This sounds exciting and I hope they didn't confuse it with Richard Hawley's upcoming single (same title, same label).

    Music Week make many typos and they also got the title of Jessie Ware's new single wrong. I can't find this week's issue though, here's the previous one (click 'cancel' once it's loaded).
  15. Oh no. Not him again.
  16. Bonus tracks instead of commentary would be nice on iTunes for a change boys.
  17. Neil confirmed that ''Down in the Woods'' is a wrong single title. Music Week is shitty magazine. They've done it again! (''Winner'' = The Noisettes single)
  18. Perhaps Music Week is part of the 'interesting little strategy' from Pet Shop Boys to promote the album? Dropping wrong single titles every week, on purpose....

    By the way: Neil didn't only deny the single title "Down in the woods", he also stated that an announcement about the new single will follow soon.
  19. Well, the big announcement is here now:

    Source: (check link for single artwork)
  20. Why not have one of the packages out next week then the second digital package out the same day as CD.
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