Pet Shop Boys - Nonetheless

The "Monkey business" video premiered two weeks after the shoot, so... nice if they also manage to sync it with the live film coming out. I'm calling it, Feb 2, if not sooner.
I've been a massive fan of them for decades and I’m sure the music will be as brilliant as always, but given Tennant's stance on Israel, their total silence on the genocide in Gaza(unlike their unequivocal support for Ukraine) and their friendship/collaborations with the likes of Frances Barber, I’m done with them. There’s only so much I can overlook.
I wonder if their meetings with Tracey Thorn and Siouxsie will lead to anything for this album?


I'm also curious what happened to The Blessed Madonna collab?
In other news, they've hinted at, or announced, the following too:
- "Disco 5"
- the re-release of "Catalogue" titled "Volume" - a quick Google search will help you find links, with a tentative release date of 1 July 2024, to tie in with the 40th anniversary of the first "West End girls" release
- a new musical based on "The Emperor's New Clothes"
- live CD/DVD/Blu-ray for "Dreamworld", with the movie about to premiere in a couple of weeks
- a BBC Studios documentary to coincide with the album
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Also, not to tiptoe around the elephant in the room - I'm not happy with them collaborating with the transphobic, Islamophobic mess that is Frances Barber either, and I'm not going to engage in whataboutisms on how she still gets roles or hangs out with other UK celebrities, but "Musik" hasn't been happening for at least a couple of years now. As for the Israel/Palestine conflict, yes, the silence is deafening, as it was when the Black Lives Matter protests were happening, but in the end, it's their personal choice to decide on how to use their platform. Do I wish it was different? Absolutely! But if we were to boycott anyone not vocally supporting Palestine, we'd soon be out of popstars to enjoy, I'm afraid. Being a political band puts you on a different pedestal - I don't think anyone is throwing their hands up in the air over what Kylie, Robbie Williams or Girls Aloud have to say about it either.
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Here’s hoping they give the Bowie song the PSB twist a la Hallo Spaceboy.
I could imagine them doing Ashes to Ashes.
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