Pet Shop Boys - Nonetheless

Funny, I think The Pop Kids is one of the few post-imperial singles that would genuinely not be out of place on Discography.
Absolutely! Pop Kids was their last great single! It was totally them! It had bite, humour, earned nostalgia and one of their best breakdown/middle-8 bits. The spoken word part up til "I love it here, I´m never going home" is AMAZING!
My only minor quibble was the missed chance to bring the lyrics back into the present by changing the tense at the very end. The last line should have been "I love you" instead of "I loved you".
The last track that had a similar sort urgency was Will-o The Wisp. If only the rest of that album could hold the energy.
Dancing Star sounds embarassingly limp in comparison.
Classic Pop mag was never going to slate the album, but its 4-star review is nonetheless quite exciting to read. Comparisons to Behaviour, Fundamental and "Between Two Islands," and a promise that despite the seemingly midtempo strings stuff, it's full of joy and far away from the dismal MOR of Release and Elysium. Seems to be written by someone who knows their stuff.
I'm loving both Dancing Star and Sense of Time, the former sounding like it's come straight from the Please era and the latter a trance banger that wouldn't have sounded out of place on Nightlife

Loved both singles and all associated b-sides/mixes, so far. Shaping up to be something special, after the patchy “Hotspot”. A bit apprehensive about "The Schlager Hit Parade" though. Could it be another “Wedding in Berlin”?
Hopefully more like “Hit Music”.