Pet Shop Boys - Nonetheless

I made plans involving Bobby "O".
The mix is now done and out there. It turned out amazingly well.

Some disclaimers for the interested:
I sped up PSB to the speed of Divine´s Shoot Your Shot (from 123 bpm to 130: Certified Hi-NRG poppers-o-rama tempo!).
The early Bobby "O" productions don´t use midi, just a click-track to synchronize the machines, also they use lots of cuts and edits. This makes them quite difficult to match with midi productions.
By isolating Divine´s voice, eliminating the original drums and using the trademark octave-bass only occasionally, I managed to place them into the new PSB track almost perfectly.
Funny how Divine´s vocals sound ALMOST soulful when placed on a more polished backing track.
I made a mistake with this recording (attempt #17) and played PSBs third verse over the instrumental bridge of Shoot Your Shot, which turned out to be the perfect fit! Neils vocals and the music of the Divine track are a perfect fit with each other. It´s almost as if they actually re-wrote Shoot Your Shot back in the day.
I absolutely LOVE the coda when Neils spectral wailings ("just you wait and see") work in combination with DIvine ad-libbing during the fade. Mash-Up MAGIC!
My first thought was "I wonder what that sounds like?"

My second thought was "This sounds exactly how you'd expect a collaboration between Neil Tennant and David Gilmour to sound."
That's a tremendous mash-up, I love it!!
Thanks! I just leave this here for those interested in a nice little "EP" of imaginary PSB collaborations:
PSB & EBTG: Invisible Walking Wounded

PSB with NANCY & LEE: Sundown Liberation

Kraft Shop Boys: Young Offender In Computerlove

PSB & SOFT CELL (the alternative): Rent! Heat!

HOT CHIP SHOP BOYS: Love, Eleanor, etc.
Is the new version of the Catalog book still coming out this summer? The pre-order link on Amazon seems to be gone.
BBC Radio 2 has invited the British public to vote for their favourite Pet Shop Boys song, ahead of their performance at Radio 2 in the Park:

Pet Shop Boys will be celebrated on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds in the build up to their performance at Radio 2 in the Park in Preston on Sunday 8 September. From today (Wednesday 10 July) - which is Neil Tennant’s 70th birthday - Radio 2 listeners can vote for their favourite songs by the duo, and the Top 30 most popular tracks will be revealed in a countdown show, Your Ultimate Pet Shop Boys Song, hosted by Radio 2’s Pick of the Pops presenter, Mark Goodier. Produced by BBC Audio.

Listeners can vote now at for up to five songs from a list comprising all of Pet Shop Boys UK Top 40 hits, plus a selection of other classics as chosen by Radio 2’s panel of Pet Shop Boys superfans, including presenter Gary Davies. Voting closes at 4pm on Friday 26 July.
BBC Radio 2 has invited the British public to vote for their favourite Pet Shop Boys song, ahead of their performance at Radio 2 in the Park:
I gave some love to ‘Home and dry’, ‘Red letter day’ and ‘Love comes quickly’. All of which are under-appreciated.

Had to have ‘West End girls’ and ‘Left to my own devices’ too as they are easily their best.
Choosing just 5 from that list is close to impossible. PSB continue to be amazing but its so hard not to be honest and tick boxes from the 85 to 90 era as those songs are just faultless. I went for Love Comes Quickly, It's A Sin, Domino Dancing, Being Boring and Left to My Own Devices.