Pet Shop Boys - Nonetheless

Top 5 I suppose is obvious in West End Girls, It's A Sin, Always On My Mind, Domino Dancing and Go West (or What Have I Done To Deserve This) in any order but I'm curious what the rest will look like.

I threw a vote for
Being Boring
I Don't Know What You Want
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
Love Comes Quickly

since I thought they'd need it.
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BBC Radio 2 has invited the British public to vote for their favourite Pet Shop Boys song, ahead of their performance at Radio 2 in the Park:

A Different Point Of View
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?
King’s Cross
One More Chance
We All Feel Better In The Dark

Only a real fan would have chosen these #heart
So tough but I gave the following a point each out the options listed.

Love Comes Quickly
Yesterday When I Was Mad
I Don’t Know What You Want
Did You See Me Coming
Easy, my top 3 has been set in stone since the 80s

Always On My Mind
What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Also gave a point each to my two favourites from the 90s which will definitely need the help

Was It Worth It?
A Red Letter Day
I voted for:

Domino Dancing
So Hard
Love Comes Quickly
Don't Know What You Want

Sad I didn't get to give Home & Dry some love as it's definitely up there with my favs, maybe I could've been a bit more strategic with my votes, as I'm sure Heart will be top 10 anyway.
The new singles are still too new for me to stand next to the classics, but Loneliness is slowly currently becoming a staple.
Tough call. I opted for:

Being Boring
I Don't Know What You Want...
What Have I Done To Deserve This
Red Letter Day
The Pop Kids

But ten minutes later the choices could have been utterly different.
Sigh, can't vote due to being outside the UK. But kudos to the BBC panel member who added The Way It Used to Be despite it not being a Top 40 single (or even a single at all, a pop injustice of the highest degree).

My picks:
Being Boring
The Way It Used to Be
West End Girls
Left to My Devices