Pet Shop Boys - SMASH: The Singles 1985-2020

Just having a look at these on their YouTube channel now. The whole point of upscaling is to add definition - yet whoever's done these is so incompetent they've reduced it! I wonder about the sources they used to upscale actually. It's as if they've used 15 year old YouTube uploads when they could've used the PopArt DVD as a starting point.
Something seems to have gone badly wrong with the 90s videos in particular. Why the screen ratio keeps changing and the colours are all wrong is a mystery. The Pop Art versions, as you say, have more definition and look normal.
I'd be interested to know if they're planning to supply these to anyone who applied, or if they're cross-referencing it to orders from the official site only?

I predict mine arrives in a plain brown envelope sometime in April, 2026
Nah, because then people who bought it in a bricks and mortar shop will complain. Just easier to send to anyone who asks - it'll be a minority anyway.
Has the Relentless CD been delayed or something? Numerous record stores are saying it hasn’t come in to stock for tomorrow, and that they have no idea when it’s coming in.