Pet Shop Boys - SMASH: The Singles 1985-2020

Agree but it's a bit disappointing if this release is to become their 'standard' greatest hits album for years to come (on vinyl especially), a new release of Discography on vinyl or a 20th anniversary edition of PopArt would have been much more iconic, without feeling like they're trying to tie up loose ends just yet.

Yes, but it also sends out the message they have done nothing of note since.

Which. You know.

The thing that PopArt has going for it is that they "curated" it into the Pop and Art CDs. Some of those allocations might be arbitrary but at least it felt some thought had gone into it and I think it made it a more interesting listening experience at the time. Plus two new tracks.
How did we end up here...




Bonus track:

I like the cover (other than the A being cut like that) and I would say it's very Pet Shop Boys.

Kylie's was great. Its problem was the selection of songs. Y'all should chill.
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