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Pet Shop Boys - Super (Album) & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by push the button, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Undertow as a single is where common sense is fed from.
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  2. I feel bad for the protagonist of the video, he did try, but he clearly ended up making the wrong decisions.

    What he should have done was sign up to be on bilatinmen, he would have fit right in. It is in San Diego after all.
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  3. He knew where he went wrong.
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    @idratherjack I choose you!
  5. Anyone else buy tickets this morning? More expensive than the Electric Tour(at a bigger venue though) and Ticketmaster charged another 25% in fees and now that I've typed that I'm a little upset but I'll get over it by November!

    I'm the most excited for the live treatment of Dictator, assuming they perform it of course.
  6. 'It's the history of the world ...' would be the quote you were looking for ...
  7. Can someone confirm that this is all an elaborate joke? The single choice, that video???
    I was hoping to the last minute of the video that they would break into a dance routine.
  8. I didn't watch the video. Less disappointment that way.
  9. Well, it´s in b/w and slo-mo, there are many men (some shirtless) doing things with their hands.
    So it´s a bit like their classic Bruce Weber videos, only their taste in men has changed a bit.
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  10. I don't understand the vitriol for both the song and the video. I'm looking forward to the B-sides!
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  11. I'm largely indifferent to it. One of the weakest songs on Super but I don't hate it. It's just a baffling choice for single.
  12. It's their best video for ages but it doesn’t work with Twenty Something.

    Try it with The Dictator Decides and it seems almost perfect.
  13. So what is the second single in the end?
  14. Burn would be an amazing single, and would at least get solid club plau, one would assume. One of their best tracks, recent or not. It's special. 20 Something is an odd (but great!) choice as it stands.
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  15. Yep! DC. Their most expensive tickets yet. But the last three tours have been flawless...

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  16. Wow, this video really does not work with the song.

    I was thinking ~overwhelmed young professional trying to make it in the city~ vibes. Lots of light, color, speed.
  17. Please try it with Dictator Decides. It works - even with fade out. Not sure why.
  18. I agree, the video doesn't match the lyrics very well.
  19. Twenty-something and its video are definitely mismatched. It's not a good music video anyway. When was the last time Pet Shop Boys released a decent music video? I remember Did You See Me Coming being not awful, but that's pretty much it.
  20. I can't help feeling that Twenty Something is the kind of single release Parlophone/EMI would have vetoed.
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