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Pet Shop Boys - Super (Album) & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by push the button, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. The UK dates are out for the tour, and they're in such annoying locations. I wish they'd do a few more too.
  2. Do you have a link?
  3. February 18th 2017 – Leeds Arena
    February 19th 2017 – Manchester Arena
    February 21st 2017 – Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
    February 22nd 2017 – Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre
    February 24th 2017 – Birmingham Barclaycard Arena
    February 26th 2017 – Bournemouth BIC

    Oooh, Leeds Arena, hooray! It's so rare that an act I love actually comes to my city.
  4. Nice of them to announce the tour after I just paid £££ to go see them in London, I might go Manchester too and do standing so I can dance. This needs to be a dancing your life away kind of show after the 'Super' album is just so hyper dance.
  5. There is no standing on the tour - only seats - top price £75.00 ! - I paid for best seat at the royal opera house as it is a special event- but these are just normal theatre/arena venues!
  6. Just got tickets for Manchester, should be great. I've always wanted to see them live.
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  7. What a fucking dodgy set list.
    Winner? Keep it.
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  8. Are they having a laugh with them prices £75 for the whole first 3 blocks not even first few rows, good luck selling them out. I am bit disappointed with the setlist 'Winner' & ''Home & Dry' but no 'Say It To Me', 'Groovy' or 'Undertow'
  9. The run from The Pop Kids to ...Bourgeois Construct will destroy me if that's what do next year.

    But I wish nothing but excrement and death on New York City Boy.
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  10. They should just sack Go West off completely.
  11. I'd want Leaving and Face like that from the Elysium era and not much else. Winner is dire.
  12. It does go a bit dodgy in the middle (Winner? Home and Dry? New York Shitty Boy? Was anyone crying out for these?) but the beginning and end look incredible and it's great to have some rarities like In The Night and The Sodom and Gomorrah Show, plus I get my wish of experiencing Burn live.
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  13. They did a brand new arrangement of Winner and it was really, really good. Understated and very melancholy. Much better than the original.
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  14. Winner was apparently the Andrew Dawson version they released as a remix.
  15. I've got my ticket for the Birmingham date.
  16. Why do they always pay So Hard dust? It's amazing!
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  17. @Vasilios is pissed!
  18. I wish they would give Go West a rest.
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  19. I'm going, too.

    Kiit's a Sin
  20. And replace it with Shameless. Of course.
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