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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Popjustice

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    This is the general PSB discussion thread.

    I thank you.
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  2. Yes, Please Release Bilingual Pop Art, Actually.
  3. Just on the topic of PSB general discussion stuff then:

    I saw a top 40 Pet Shop Boys best-selling singles thing on TMF last week and was surprised to see (if i'm recalling correctly) that So Hard was at number 10 - i had no idea the song was so successful.

    I think my favourite PSB song changes all the time but i've always had a soft spot for Paninaro '95. I just love it, the song, the video - everything about it
  4. Hurrah!

    I love watching my Pop Art DVD even if Neil scares me in the original Oppurtunities video.
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest


  6. it scares me too - that bit where his face kinda expands and his voice gets all vocodered

    Also, in the extended Dance Mix you get the rather haunting spoken word outro 'all the love that we had and the love that we hide, who will bury us when we die?'
  7. Ray


    It comes from the original release of the single (the pre-West End Girls-hit release that got to #121 in the UK) and they removed it from the 2nd version because they found it too pretentious.
  8. b-sides - PSB are amazing at them - 3 of my faves:

    You Know Where You Went Wrong
    Too Many People
    Was That What It Was?
  9. Ray


    We all feel better in the dark
    You know where you went wrong
  10. b-sides

    1. The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On
    2. The Truck Driver and His Mate
    3. Hey Headmaster
    4. The View From Your Balcony
  11. That's like a brilliant short, short story.

    We all feel better in the dark.
    You know where you went wrong.

  12. Actually, how could i have forgotten my absolute fave PSB b-side

    Some Speculation - absolutely amazing this one is
  13. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I am wearing my PSB t - shirt tomorrow at work!
    It's black and has fluo letters.

    I declare this tour T shirt week!
    I am wearing my fresh PCD one today.
  14. Ray


    *looks at his Muhammad Ali t-shirt*

    Well you should have said earlier...
  15. Yeah I watched that too - I think all the songs in Top 10 bestselling were (unsurprisingly) there 80s hits, with the only exceptions being So Hard at 10 and Go West at 6 I think.
    It was annoying but not surprising to see some there finest singles so low down the list in terms of sales, such as Flamboyant, which was 38th I think.

    Strangely, they claimed the title of "Yesterday When I Was Mad" as "Yesterday When I Was Mad I Was Serious", which was a bit odd!
  16. aye, that confused me too - i was thinking to myself 'since when has the song been called that?'
  17. Overrated.

    Or good and I don't get them.

    I can't decide which.
  18. Ray


    *starts a Ban Numerology From Popjustice petition*
  19. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Numerology likes Jelly Clarkson.
  20. Numerology's list of likes is growing shorter.
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