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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I LOVE Numerology on his good days
  2. Ray


    I imagine this means I'm not getting a christmas gift from Numerology this year...
  3. My favourite b-sides:

    I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
    In the Night
    Losing My Mind
  4. Nice save Vas! Ray I didn't really have trouble with your post! I should be banned. I'm a public menace.

    *edits a load of posts in Off Topic*

  5. *Reports to Moderator*

    *Takes screencaps between this post and this post being vandalised*
  6. Until you see the flaw in your plan i'm not justifying it with a response.

  7. what have i done to deserve this? shameless!
  8. Three favourite B sides... Very difficult.

    1. That's My Impression
    2. How I Learned To Hate Rock & Roll
    3. Your Funny Uncle

    The only Pet Shop Boys t-shirt I have is the Before one with the strategically printed cock on it. I don't really fancy the idea of getting arrested. Can I not wear my new Einsturzende Neubauten one instead?
  9. More favourite b-sides...

    1) Don Juan - great historical references to the sound of classic synths
    2) Too Many People - Neil's song about 'role strain' - being a different person for different people
    3) It Must Be Obvious - love the intro as it reminds me of flogging Alternative to death on my Walkman (so much so the head broke and I had to transfer the reels to another shell!)

    Just don't mention 'The Sound of The Atom Splitting' - I did think this one was an oddity, but just see it as an 'experimental acid track' - I like it anyway for its eeriness...and Neil's vocal effects
  10. I'm beginning to think it would've been a better idea to name that Daily Mail CD as 'Pet Shop Boys - Exclusively'. I prefer that title.
  11. Pet Shop Boys, Xenophobically.
  12. Ray


    Pet Shop Boys, Oddlyenough...

    I still can't get over the brilliance of the idea they had around the time of Literally the book, to record an album to be released after they die, called Pet Shop Boys, Posthumously. It would be AMAZING if they actually had one ready and waiting at the vaults of EMI, to be remixed and released whenever need arises. Ahem. (Hopefully not before 2050 or so. I like those chaps being alive.)
  13. The Daily Mail album - Contrary

    Duality has a nice ring to it too
  14. I cannot pick just 3 b-sides, due to a 5 way tie for #1.
  15. I blew my chance of going to the ICA playback with a stupidly boring question. That’s what I did not to deserve it.

    I hope there’ll be a full PJ report of the event and not just a picture of a “chandelierâ€￾ and some sandwiches. No Twitter nonsense. Have fun boys and girls.

    Great subject heading.
  16. I was looking through the booklet that came with the double CD version of 'Please' the other night. I was astounded to read that Neil Tennant referred to 'Was That What It Was' as a very minor work. I love that song so much and it's the only track from their earlier material I really play on a regular basis.
  17. ahem ...
  18. debord

    debord Guest

    They're doing Oxygen and T In The Park
  19. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Favourite b-sides:

    'Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend'
    'Too Many People'
    'You Know Where You Went Wrong'
    'In The Night'
    'Your Funny Uncle'
  20. Top 5 B-Sides:

    1 - Shameless
    2 - We All Feel Better In The Dark
    3 - The Resurrectionist
    4 - Losing My Mind
    5 - Silver Age
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