Pet Shop Boys

Well fuck, am I now suppossed to consume every piece of audio and video from the era... jeez, I just haven't seen the movie. To me, they're not "from the 80s"... they're still active (and feel eternal), while a single movie from the 80s seems ephemeral. The earliest age I would care about gay cinema would be twenty years after it came out, with the bonus difficulty of growing up in a very homophobic country, so you expecting me to know about it, or bully me into seeing it(?), in order not to be an uneducated Western ghey... is not working, really. You were already on Ignore, why the eff do I bother.
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Every so often I remember there was a singles run that went from West End Girls to Being Boring and am humbled that I lived through, and was of an age to be able to appreciate such a flawless run of hits. Every single one a bona fide 10/10. Just staggering really.

Not only those run of hits, but the singles packages with often multiple b-sides which were often incredible, sublime artwork,amazing videos. Everything was on point.

Our extremely problematic protagonist is releasing her EP in 13 hours... or maybe just two, if it's uploaded earlier in New Zealand.

To divert the topic slightly... does all this new music hint at a retirement of sorts? The amount of releases we've gotten in the past couple of years... is unparalleled, really. Also the books above, paired with Neil's book from last year... The 2020 album is the final one from the trilogy. The EP approach might be working for them, similar to how Röyksopp announced their final album, and are now sporadically releasing singles and B-sides.

We might be also getting the Years & Years collaboration in a month.
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They/them, he/him
We might be also getting the Years & Years collaboration in a month.

Oh my! Consider me excited!

As for the retirement question, I think its more of a case of them riding the nostalgia wave, especially for all things 80s, 90s and early 00s. The gents are inextricably connected to that time period, so it would make sense to capitalise on that.