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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Are we expecting Musik in any physical format?
  2. I went to pick up a vinyl copy of discography online for a frame.
    I did not buy.
    The price!!!!
  3. That has gone up so much in the past 12 months, I got this for £30 for near mint last year!
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  4. Really pleased for you hen x
  5. Oh I didn't know! What a shame.

    I wonder if casting Adèle Anderson as Billie Trix in the current Closer to Heaven production was a deliberate fuck you response to her views?
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  6. I met them both last week after Closer To Heaven, I told Neil my favorite tracks from the musical were 9 out of 10 and Out of My System. He said he thought this production was very dark (?)

    I then told him that my favorite album was Behavior and single was Red Letter day and my best mates was Domino Dancing, Chris looked on bemused but chatted to my female friend and told her she was clever (!)

    I then asked Neil if I could get a selfie and he said 'we don't do selfies' then my friend dragged me away and said he's arrogant.

    A case of never meet your idols...
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  8. That´s the Agenda!
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  9. This sounds exactly how I would expect them to be. What were you expecting? An impromptu re-enactment of What Have I Done To Deserve This with you as Dusty hen?
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  10. I think it's obvious they're not very comfortable with being photographed at this point, even with the press. We get only a couple of pictures per album era, and I wouldn't mind if they declined a photo op. I remember waiting for them backstage after my only time I've seen them, and they just looked super pissed in their car as they were leaving. They're just not that kind of band. I'm even surprised they're still chatting with fans!
  11. When I met them during the Pandemonium tour they didn't allow pictures as well. However, they were extremely nice and very chatty. When they found out my friend and I were from Kentucky, they both professed their love for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It was both hilarious and completely random.
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  12. I used to work in a posh restaurant in Soho and the Pet Shop Boys came in weekly for lunch meetings.
    They were both very "polite" (Neil more so than Chris) but I wouldn't go as far to say they were ever "friendly".
    They did give the restaurant Christmas Cards every year though. (which I kept)
    Yoko Ono, another regular, on the other hand was very sweet.
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  13. Yoko placing her order:

  14. Also Neil was at a random unrelated to PSB party a friend was DJing last year and had selfies with everyone that asked there. Maybe they love people just not their fans.
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  15. I once stood next to Neil at a bar but was too in awe to say anything.
  16. I think the odd request from a super fan for a selfie or a pic does't hurt - we are paying their wages after all (!)

    In other news, the MUSIK EP is wonderful, Ich Bin Musik is their best track since Vocal!

    Im getting Dusty and Liza vibes all over again.
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  17. Ooh yes I just listened it’s bloody great. Very Deborah Harry solo album 1988 produced by the Pet Shop Boys.
  18. It's all about timing really. If someone is out trying to have a quiet night then no one should feel entitled to having their photo taken with them. However there'll be other times when they're snap-happy. It just sucks if you get them on the wrong night.
  19. Another guy asked for their autograph and Neil's response was, 'only if you buy a programme' ouch.

    To be fair Chris Lowe was lovely with my friend and they had a giggle. He seemed to be a bit more approachable but I made a bee line for Neil.
  20. No, no, no.

    You buy a ticket to a concert, you get to see the show. You buy the music, you get to own it. You stream it, you get to rent it. End of transaction. No artist, anywhere, owes a single thing to a fan. They don't get their wages paid by giving you their time, or an autograph, or a bloody selfie, although most will do so quite happily. Consider it a bonus. They owe you nothing.
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