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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Got to get that merch coin!
  2. I used to work in a London department store Sound & Vision dept and she came in quite regularly. She was really lovely. She would talk to the staff in the CD section for hours about music
  3. I guess your are right, I just left feeling a little...Disappointed...Once More. Disillusioned..Encore
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  4. I much prefer my pop stars aloof, haughty, regal and as other worldly as possible. I don't want to be on the same level as them. I have often been in the same room as the PSBs, that was plenty for me. You just know that they would be rolling their eyes inside while feigning inane conversation you. I'd die.

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  5. The Muzik EP is odd and great and very Amanda Lear - I keep hearing Villanelle from Killing Eve though in the spoken parts.
  6. Ugh, that was a tough listen. As someone who never watched the Musical and struggled (and failed) to listen to the whole cast recording, I´m not very versed in the story. I guess this is meant as some backstory for one of the characters?
    Apart from Friendly Fire, I just can´t stand her voice on these run-of-the-mill songs.
    Mongrel is sub-Brecht to a Bontempi-Keyboard.
    Run, Girl, Run uses every tired rhyme in the English language (@Bleu Noir Where do you hear Amanda Lear in this, when RUN BABY RUN exists?)
    Ich Bin Musik (Girl can´t even pronounce the song title!?!)
    This and For Every Moment sound exactly like the kind of music that was played in small-town gay discos in the 80´s. The ones that had a huge mirror on the dancefloor that ALWAYS had some lanky gay watching himself throwing shapes.

    First Agenda and now this...[​IMG]
  7. Yes, probably not entirely fair to judge this as a piece of music on its own when the whole thing is quite meta. Run Girl Run for example is written as a fictional song which Billie Trix would have released in the 70s.

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  8. Well, blind stan alert, but I think all of the songs are brilliant. Obviously painfully demo-sounding, but lyrically and melodically on point, they go for the jugular. Now if only Neil had sung them instead...
  9. Well we do have Friendly Fire and Run Girl Run. I'd be surprised if the other songs won't make it into some 'further listening' release at some point.
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  10. I'm fascinated by people's "I met them once" stories. Neil has said, for years now, "we don't do photographs" and it's probably more to do with his disdain for social media than not wanting to oblige a fan request. Making it a blanket policy is really smart.

    Being famous for literally decades must be a strange life experience. When I see someone like Kylie getting hounded by fans as she returns to her flat after a bit of shopping I just don't know how the famous do it. I think most of us would start to feel worn down by this over time! I have met Neil twice over the course of twenty-odd years, and once he was the loveliest person imaginable and once quite distant and superior. I had to remind myself that as a fan it felt like I knew him, but of course I absolutely didn't at all.
  11. The other week I sat behind Neil and Janet Street-Porter at the Almeida theatre - sadly my eavesdropping skills were lacking. I think after Linda Barker, Neil is not my all time London “most spotted”
  12. Oh my god they’re still friends!
    The dour duo. I waited on them for an evening in the early 90’s at a top end restaurant I worked at whilst at uni. Janet was a mood.
  13. Really pleased I went to see Musik in London last week. Look I know Frances Barber may be problematic but she was undeniably brilliant. The show is a tour de force of really tight sketches which are just irresistible – the audience was laughing the whole time. It's so cleverly written, taking all the hints about the Billie Trix character and really developing her personality.

    The songs make so much more sense in the context of the show, however ironically I though that some were almost unnecessary – the only ones I thought really worked and added to the story were Soup, because it's so surreal and hilarious within the context; and Friendly Fire, because it adds that element of complexity and 'realness' to her character which really make you root for her, plus it's a classic and acts as a bridge between this show and Closer to Heaven.

    The mix of real life characters and events with the entirely fictional story of Billie is so clever – this includes direct references to Pet Shop Boys and Madonna which are quite funny.

    As for the controversy around Frances, they included a transgender character in her story whose identity is presented in a completely matter-of-fact, not-up-for-debate manner. This and her posting this photo with Adele Anderson earlier this summer settles the issue for me.

    My favourite bit was
    her literally leaving the theatre through the main door as the show ends
  14. I saw MUSIK on Friday evening also. Thought it was hilarious and really well written. The songs fitted the context of the show perfectly and I know what you mean about Soup. It was a very clever performance. I do think Francis' voice is a bit knackered after a 3 week run as she was struggling a little and Billie does scream a lot. I loved the development of her story, would have liked a few more nods to Closer To Heaven but we did have some. Run Girl Run is a strangely moving song too. All in all it was a ball! And Adele Anderson was front row watching the show too.
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  15. I was there three, really enjoyed it. Could've been a bit longer maybe. I was surprised that the 'disco' tunes did not work as well for me as the more downtempo songs.
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  16. Musik was phenomenal!! Loved it!

    So they’re doing A night at the O2!! Woohoo, will finally get to see Pet Shop Boys!!!

    Thank god I don’t have to suffer the Radio 2 Festival to see them.
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  17. Isn't it 29th Manchester and 30th Birmingham, according to Ticketmaster
  18. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    28th May - London
    29th May - Manchester
    30th May - Birmingham (actually Solihull)
    June 2nd & 5th - Bournemouth

    So far.
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