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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Well, it's definitely "so bad"!
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  2. My impression of the movie was always that it wasn't bad per just didn't amount to much?
  3. Two divided by zero.
  4. One and one make five.
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  5. It's best to enjoy It Couldn't Happen Here as a series of music videos. There's no story and some of it is cheesy (the dancers in particular) but it's a curiosity piece and pop films were a rarity by the 80s.
  6. Thanks for this, I'd forgotten that these books were being released. Considering that it's been nearly four years between the last two albums the boys haven't half been prolific of late.

    Now if they could re-release Catalogue that'd be great.
  7. Ordered. Impulsively.
  8. Where's my Musikexpress though.
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  9. Aka my bible.

    Wondered why you wanted a reissue and checked eBay.... those prices!! They had loads in fopp for £4 which is when i got mine
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  10. I saw a copy in a local cheap book shop once for a similar price but I wasn't particular into the Boys back then. Believe me when I say I'm kicking myself now.
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  11. I got my copy at for a lowish price of 30-something euro.
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  12. I've just set up a camelcamelcamel alert in case it goes below £35. Thanks!
  13. Hold the presses! Just clicked on the SDE news items about the PSB books being re-released and I've just seen this in the comments - "Catalogue will also be reissued in April!" Please say it's true and my prayers have been answered!
  14. Found this this morning, but the listing's a bit of mess and I couldn't find any other mention of it.

    Someone call Thames & Hudson.
  15. Thanks for this. I'd asked the poster where they heard the news so I'll post here if I hear back.
  16. Oh, I wouldn't hold that as true - BookDepository had a listing for a new edition at least since 2016, and only the date changes.

    The RoughTrade listing seems to be gone, too. Probably got out a bit early. Hopefully they'll honor my preorder!
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  18. I can still see them. Pre-orders sold out though (or maybe that's what you mean?).
  19. Nah, they were 404-ing for a couple of hours, back to normal now.
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