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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

    • Release Date 19 March 2020
    • Sorry Sold Out
  1. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Blimey! Glad I didn’t hesitate on that one.

    What I’d like is a massive updated version of Catalogue. Surely that’s necessary at this point?

    Plus the old Annually reissued too.
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  2. I got the old "Annually" recently, and "Catalogue" is really just the more expansive version of it. Pretty similar format, I'd say, if we ignore the Polaroids, glasses etc.
  3. Literally is literally one of the best music related books ever published.
  4. Oh wow, I decided to order this before going out tonight, thankfully I didn't decide to wait until I got back in!

    Actually cancelled my Amazon order of PSB vs. America in favour of this, even though it will probably arrive only in June or so.
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  5. I mentioned this on the previous page. It may or may not be re-released in April.
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  6. Accusing PSB of not being prolific is a bit rich!

    I got distracted and missed out on all signed editions, oh well I ordered both books from Amazon and they're only £11.89 each.

    I'm also mildly excited about the film re-release, it might finally be the time I sit down and watch it. Will try and get tickets for the screening.
  7. Haha yes. But I mean in the last year we've really been spoiled.
  8. How I am only hearing Ich Bin Musik for the first time? It is amazing, so good it could have been on Results which I don't say lightly.
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  9. Bored and on lockdown... want to dive into The Petshop Boys. Literally only know Go West because it was covered on X Factor and Bright LightX2’s cover of West End Girls. It’s not a brag, if anything it’s shameful, but just highlighting how little I know about them. Where to begin? Work forwards, backwards? Any particularly strong albums to introduce myself on?
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  10. Personally (ooh album title waiting to happen), I'd jump into Discography then go into the individual albums with the tracks that wow you the most. And yes, wowed you will be!
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  11. Start with Discography / popart / the first 5 albums and Leave release / elysium / alternative / format until last
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  12. Start from the start and work forwards. Whilst I'm sure there's plenty of dissent about the later albums, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any disagreement that Please > Actually > Introspective > Behaviour > Very is an incredible run of albums. And just doing the singles isn't enough.
  13. Have they said anything about the forthcoming tour dates? I can't see the Government allowing arena shows by the end of May!
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  14. I agree with the general suggestion of the greatest hits and the first five albums. There is less consensus about their albums from the mid-nineties onwards: although personally I think Electric is one of their career high points, not everyone agrees.

    For the full experience, I think it’s important to enter the artist’s “world”, and for that reason I’d suggest watching the PopArt DVD collection - their visual aesthetic matters along with the music. Finally, their album with Liza Minnelli, Results, is a stone-cold classic.
  15. I got on the PSB wagon at the time of Yes, through the Xenomania connection. I only knew West End Girls, It's a Sin, What Have I Done and Always on My Mind as 80's staples in the US. I started with Discography then went: Actually, Please then Very and after deciding each were outstanding - I decided to go chronologically - backfilling Introspective and Behaviour first. I treated Alternative like an actual studio album release on my journey. It's a lot to take in but seems like child's play now that I've began to dive into Prince.
  16. Got an update on Facebook from AEG Live that the Cardiff date has been postponed until May 2021, nothing on the PSB site yet.
  17. When I properly started getting into the PSB I bought PopArt and found it a bit of a messy listening experience, but luckily the Ultimate Pet Shop Boys compilation was released shortly after and I found this a much more digestible cohesive experience. I then picked my favourite songs and worked through their albums from there.
  18. Being Boring Cunty
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  19. I sort of agree - I think with any greatest hits there’s probably a point in the artist’s career where the volume of material is just too much to digest and stops feeling coherent because the artist has turned their hand to too many styles. I think an artist’s first greatest hits collection is sometimes the most convincing one (e.g. Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Bananarama spring to mind) and it being easier early on to avoid a sprawling track list is maybe part of the reason. When I compile my own Pet Shop Boys greatest hits playlists I’m very selective. Quality over quantity!
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