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Books and slipcase just arrived. The books are a lot smaller than I was expecting, though I don’t know why I expected them to be bigger.


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I’ve been in a total PSB rabbit hole for weeks now and am re-obsessed. Did a bit of rummaging around YouTube and *ahem* made a compilation of mixes, the criteria being those lesser known (remix 12”, promo, or unreleased commercially).

Anything else I should include?

Opportunities (Dance Mix)
Love Comes Quickly (Dub)
Suburbia (Arthur Baker Club Version)
Suburbia (Arthur Baker Dub Version)
Paninaro (The Ian Levine Mix)
It’s A Sin (Phil Harding Latin Vocal Mix)
What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Shep Pettibone Dub Mix)
Rent (Dub Mix)
Domino Dancing (Base Mix)
I Want A Dog (Frankie Knuckles Full Length Mix)
Left To My Own Devices (Shep Pettibone Mix)
So Hard (9” Edit)
This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave (Full Extended Version)
Music For Boys (Chris Lowe Mix)
Discoteca (Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix)
Here (PSB New Extended Dub)
Love Etc (Pet Shop Boys Sex Mix)
Thursday (Bitrocka Club Mix)
Inner Sanctum (Demo 2)
The Pop Kids (Tomorrow Now Mix)
Twenty Something (Offer Nissim Godfather Mix)
Say It To Me (Myke Rossi Remix)


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I like that Morales reprise, that’s going on the list!

The sheer amount of unreleased remixes of some of the later singles is just ridiculous, especially things like Thursday and Vocal, although I can hear why most of them are unreleased...
So Hard (9” Edit)
Best title ever!

I think I had never heard the Latin mix of It´s A Sin before. That´s a nice one! A single edit would be great, though.

And why don´t I own the Domino Dancing Base Mix? And Why don´t I listen to this every day?! As a Freestyle -and especially Voice In Fashion/Martineé-Fan- This is right up my calle...Those edits are amazing!

I´d add the Extended Mix of Somebody Else´s Business...and I think that some of the later mixes are really not that good (Offer Nissim, Myke Rossi)
"Love is a boureois construct [Dave Aude Vocal Mix]" is pretty good for a later-date remix!
"We all feel better in the dark [After Hours Climax]" - fuck yeah.
"So hard [The KLF Remix]"
"A red letter day [Moscow Mix]"
"Break 4 Love [Laroz & Amdursky Mix]"
"Can you forgive her? [Swing Version]"
"Flamboyant [Tomcraft Extended Mix]" - this is like a proper 12'' extended
"Home and dry [Dusan Go To Hell Remix]"
"...Seriously [Classical Reprise]"
"Indefinite leave to remain [Demo]"
"Memory of the future [Ulrich Schnauss Remix]"
"Miracles [Eric Prydz Remix]"
"Try it (I'm in love with a married man)" [Almighty 12'' Remix]
"The way it used to be [Richard X Remix]"

I guess some of these are less elusive than others, eh.
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I'd say "West End girls" is a quintessential UK #1, the British accent in the rap, the ominous London references as cloudy as the weather, two very different chaps heightening the dichotomy the song is about... ugh, it's too smart.
All the other big players seem to have been eliminated ages ago. They did mention Robbie Williams on the fan forum, I dread the thought.