Pet Shop Boys

Guess someone did make it to #1!
Well deserved. What a phenomenal accomplishment the debut album in its entirety is. Love that photo of Neil in 1984. Great seeing Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa mentioned as influences. Do Pet Shop Boys think black lives matter or do they just benefit from black culture though? I wouldn't know.
It's tricky - I'd obviously love for them to throw in their support for the cause, but on the other hand, if there's a band who's been unproblematic politically for the past 30ish years, it's them. Well, there's obviously the whole Tony Blair thing, which they've been distancing from ever since... and working with Frances Barber after she's been going on her TERF tirades. I have no doubt in my heart they stand with the protests, but I also don't see the point in twisting their arm into saying it. Are we just going to line up all celebrities in a queue and pressure them into doing it, and then forever throw away the ones that don't? My heart would obviously jump in joy if they did, but I also wouldn't think ill of them if they didn't. Also, Madonna's tone-deaf attempts are surely a counterexample.
They say everything they have to say with their lyrics and we all know where they stand. I always admired them for being so immune to all this celebcharity flagellation and virtue-signalling. I mean, they even wrote songs about this!
It has become unbearable since Twitter has turned itself into the pillory of this digital-medieval age.
Cancel culture has to take a long, hard look at itself and then it has to go to bed without dinner.
I don't have any doubt that they support this cause, I'm just surprised by their silence especially because they've always been so unafraid to speak up. The momentum that the BLM movement is gaining this week needs to be sustained now more than ever before. I am not asking for an empty black square (god forbid!) and I am not interested in cancel culture. I'm only calling them out because they are my favourite artists of all time and I hold them to a higher standard I guess. Then again Neil is the kind of person who could casually post a picture from a protest in London tomorrow, and that alone would be a lot more meaningful than many performative acts of support I'm seeing from other celebrities.