Pet Shop Boys

I meant to post this here.

Just seen this on Amazon, not sure if this means there is a reissue of Pet Shop Boys - Disco 2 on the way, or if it's from a previous edition, but this listing says it's 3 discs, and the original was 2, so, hopefully something comes from this.
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Oh shit, must be a new pressing. It was never my fave obviously, I might skip, but out of all things... Every other Disco album deserved a re-release! Of course, if they add a "Relentless" Bonus LP, it will sell well.

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~edit: the original Disco 2 was a single LP? What the Hell?!
I remember buying it for a mate for their 18th birthday. I’d originally bought them Stina Nordenstam’s And She Closed Her Eyes which was firmly rejected after about 30 seconds!

(That has turned out to be one of most favourite albums.)