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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Imagine getting Andy Bell mixed up with Alison Moyet.
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  2. These days it´s more likely to mistake Andy Bell for Divine.
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  3. Well one of them is not a terf. I hope.
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  4. Here we go my Annually order was also cancelled. I just sent them the most vicious email. I have no clue what payment method I used originally or why this wouldn't go through, it's SO frustrating!
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  5. Did they say if they can still send you one? I'd imagine they always keep a few on hand for instances like this?
  6. That’ll definitely help matters.
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  7. They let me purchase it with a private link. All good!
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  8. Phew!
  9. I want to see the letter now!
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  10. Listening to the new single! First impression is that the vocals are definitely self-recorded, so they sound a bit mobile phone quality :(
    The instrumental is canned too, since who can round up a room full of session musicians these days?
    It's truly one of the most experimental things in their oeuvre.

    "Where are my shoes, my coat, my hat?
    Just get me out! I smell a rat!"
    Actual lyrics.
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  11. ??
  12. [​IMG]

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  13. Watched the Discovery DVD at the weekend and have to say it's my favourite PSB concert I have ever seen - the setlist was amazing and the Eurodance mashups were inspired. I've been hammering One In A Million/Mr Vain and Left To My Own Devices/Rhythm of the Night ever since. It's A Sin/I Will Survive was brilliant and quite moving.

    The atmosphere was electric and the whole concert was like one big party. It was great to see Can You Forgive Her?, Absolutely Fabulous, Girls and Boys, Paninaro and So Hard. I really hope when the Greatest Hits tour finally happens they dust off some of these forgotten hits (Heart and A Red Letter Day in particular need to happen!)
  14. Yeah, was talking about "Cricket wife". Some folks got their copies already, and were generous enough to let me listen. Considering the length is 9:59, which is the limit for track lengths on digital services (see also "Blackstar", the track), I suppose we're getting it on streaming this Friday.
  15. Does it have a typical song structure? Or is mostly instrumental?
  16. The closest point of comparison would be "Legacy" with less busy production. Just an array of verses. The vocals are still the worst mixed part of it.
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  17. The live performance of Girls & Boys makes me extremely horny.
  18. [​IMG]

    Here are the full lyrics. I feel like the Cricket wife has been murdered after a game gone wrong, and now she's a ghost? Also, it hasn't popped up on streaming :(
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  19. Cricket Wife isn't much to write home about sadly. It's great that they add these lil limited cd's to Annually, but of all the things they could put on a disc, this wasn't one.
  20. I've only heard a 1:30 clip which sounded rather beautiful to me, but then I'm very much a fan of "Legacy".
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