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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Here's the full thing, if folks haven't heard it yet...
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  2. I'm not even tempted to click play honestly.
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  3. I expected worse after what I read here? It's basically just a poem set to some synthetic orchestration, and actually I feel the backing track has had quite some work going into it, this doesn't sound like something they bashed out in an afternoon. I like it quite a bit? But then, I also like Legacy.
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  4. Did Neil record this while wearing grillz? (I quite like the track)
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  5. Yeah, I have no clue what's going on with the sibilants on the that vocal track. It sounds like it's been compressed to 64kbit. It's so bizarre, in the year 2021 you can get better sounding vocals with the cheapest of equipments. You can't tell me that Neil doesn't have at least an SM-58 lying around somewhere at his home.
  6. I won't be playing it an awful lot, but I really like the arrangement. Yes, the production is synthetic and a bit cheap, but the actual music is gorgeous. As an experimental, arty, resolutely-non-bop, exclusive track, I'm more than happy to have it. I get why most people hate it, but I do like this kind of thing from them occasionally.

  7. *deathdrops to "Cricket wife"*
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  8. Since everybody nobody asked for my I Want A Dog remix, which I announced in March, I gladly post it here. It mixes the 7" mix with the Frankie Knuckles version until "poppers o´clock". Ask Al Pacino! It comes with full video, you´re welcome!

    You also could do worse than checking out my Kraftwerk/Ingrid Chavez mash-up. It´s a Robot Elephant Box, and it´s...a thing!
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  9. Apologies if I've missed this before, but what's the deal with this project? I was looking for some PSB tracks on QoBuz and saw this.
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  10. It was a soundtrack they did for a play based on the 80s film "My beautiful laundrette". The play was in 2019, I think? It was available on CD last year via their annual fan publication, released on streaming for the first time three weeks ago. "No boundaries" was previously available as a B-side.
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  11. Thanks! I figured it might be something related to the 80s film or inspired by it, didn't know it was for a new play. And I have No Boundaries on my Hotspot-era singles, so I will probably buy the other tracks individually.
  12. Honestly, only "Angelic thug" and "Beautiful laundrette" really stand out. Two tracks are intrumentals of vocal tracks, two are basically background music, and "No boundaries" is... well... not my favorite! It's all probably going to end up on "Further Listening" one day, if you're patient enough.
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  13. Well, I'd completed my 3rd volume of the PSB 4-disc sets covering their whole career, so anything extra now would end up in limbo until enough material came along to make any further volumes feasible. So yeah, I'll probably wait for a bit!
  14. This is amazing, thanks for sharing!
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  15. hmm...the super shirt is not exactly that...
  16. I'm snatching the Suburbia one for sure.
  17. These all scream EFFORT!, but I agree that the Suburbia one works well.
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  18. Out of all possible choices why would the Pet shop Boys do TShirts with Zara? A company that produces masses of clothes using other people’s ideas before these ideas have even hit the shelves themselves.. I don’t want to start a wider discussion why Zara and all the other Fast Fashion brands are more than a little problematic but I am just a tiny bit disappointed…
    actually come to think of it they should have done one with IT‘S A SIN and the ZARA logo, now that I might have bought !
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  19. Because COVID-19 have made it impossible for them to make coin for the past two years probably. Of course I’d have preferred a NOAH or *insert conscious brand* collab but it is what it is.
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