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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. I think they might have made more coin with a more specific kind of brand - I doubt the average Zara customer is enough of a PSB fan to buy those T‘s .. and the proper fans would have bought those anyhow, regardless of the brand
  2. I'm 99% getting the "Love etc." and "Super" ones (don't judge!).
    I love their releases, no matter what shape or size. Speaking of, we're getting that 12' Paul Weller remix this Friday. It's actually three remixes combined.
  3. Even worse is Opportunities being in a car insurance commercial every single commercial break in America, turning a song that I love into one of the most annoying sounds in the world.
  4. Okay but our dads need to eat, pay rent, etc.
  5. Suburbia is cool, the others are a hard pass for me. Not only the selection is so odd (Format? are they trolling?) but to me these are completely lacking that quirky 'I'm-wearing-it-non-ironically-lol' quality that makes good merch. But I guess the whole point is that this isn't band merchandise? Knowing their fanbase, and I'm dragging myself, these will sell very easily.
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  6. I still get taken-aback when I hear Opportunities between every single recording on my DVR. Get that coin boys!
  7. There will be a multitude of twinks who won't know who PSB are and will just buy 'Super' just because it says 'Super' on.
  8. I don’t think I need this.
  9. WHO needs 12 minutes of this? It would be OK-ish if somebody, anybody else would sing it, but it´s so basic.
  10. As someone with a degree in fashion business… I’m really confused by the Zara/PSB “collab”. It doesn’t make an ounce of sense creatively or from a brand perspective. It’s really quite bizarre.
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  11. jtm


    What I don‘t get is why they didn‘t just print the Super logo or Suburbia or the Format logo - why add the tracklist etc? It looks so weird.
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  12. It’s the random nature of the songs/albums selected. There just doesn’t appear to be any sense to them other than maybe somebody just pulled them out of a hat?

    Nobody outside of the die hard fan base is going to splurge for the Format or Love etc tee. If Zara wanted to celebrate them in a way that would have the biggest reach (ie: the biggest profit margin) then it would make sense to draw on their more iconic imagery such as the Actually cover, their Very imagery, maybe even Chris in his BOY cap (although I imagine that would present rights issues). As it is, the capsule collection just screams of somebody who doesn’t really understand the band and of somebody who put zero effort into the assignment.
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  13. It’s a cash grab don’t give it more thought than they did Bebe.
  14. but it’s such a dumb one , from people who are anything but
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  15. I genuinely think they just trolled Zara with this grApHic dEsigN selection.
  16. I actually think a spanish 20 year old who listens to Lil Uzi Vert designed those after he was sent a few PSB artwork covers. And then he designed 10 Tees of which we got the four aproved and produced.

    Yeah NOAH or Raf Simmons or Bianca Chandon would've been better but they prefer Grace Jones and New Order, so...
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  17. Imagine a tactile shirt that's a remake of the "Very" album cover with dozens of orange nipples up front. Ugh, my mind. Yeah, these shirts are the definition of random (I kind of hate the "Format" one with the blue hue), but I suppose the fabric quality is better than most official merch?

    As for the remix, it's twelve minutes of bopping. Honestly can't see anything bad about it, other than it being Paul Weller?
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  18. Always forget this is the musical equivalent of my happy place
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  19. I think I remember someone mentioned a Now compilation included a particular edit of Go West, but I can't find it. Could someone help me ? Thanx!
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