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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. I love Hotspot, and actually am glad this got bumped because I haven't played it in a year. The quality this late into their career... legends.
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  2. Yeah, I loved it too. I get why others weren't keen, but it hit the spot for me. I can't get over how fantastic they continue to be this far into their stellar career.
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  3. Now this sounds interesting.

  4. I'm here for this, I wonder if this is the reason Soft Cells album was delayed.
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  5. Food for thought: Soft Cell had to die so that Pet Shop Boys could exist.
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  6. Yes I suspect this is the case, Marc mentioned that they were updating a couple of tracks on the album.
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  7. Back in 2002 I was on the Pet Shop Boys mailing list and was sent the bright pink slipcase for the Home and dry singles set. Today, twenty years later, I finally completed the package with the DVD.
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  8. This is going to be incredible isn't it?
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  9. Hinting at a new video! Everything points to it being for the Soft Cell collab.

    The original pre-PSB version of the track apparently leaked a while ago, I wonder what kind of vibe goes with a pub video...
  10. Jesus, Neil, you know I love you but that is NOT how to pour a pint of stout! And on St. Patrick's Day, too. For shame.
  11. It was recorded weeks ago, though! (A calendar in the picture shows February 4, to be exact.)
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  12. Neil of the people...I hope he served them Tennant's lager....
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  13. This artwork is desperately bad though. Come on!
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  15. That sounds horrible. The live version I've heard today at least had a semblance of melody, which this remix totally nukes.
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  16. Is that remix in any way official? It sounds like some amateur mash-up (me) using a looped drum from an old Bobby O.-PSB demo and plonking badly separated vocals from another track on top. It´s shockingly bad...and the original song is not much better. Why are they doing this?
    I´m never one to shout "they´re ruining their legacy", but they are slowly getting there.
  17. There is no way that's official. He has 240 Twitter followers. He also has no talent.
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  18. I'm not gonna go with "ruined legacy" just yet. More of a helping hand to a band they see as an early influence, and a little side-project before the tour. Considering the amount of remixes they've done recently, it could easily be a way to squeeze out a "Disco 5" too, with these new remixes, some of their old ones, and maybe an surprise new bonus track somewhere in the middle?
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  19. I have 79 Twitter followers and loads of talent.
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