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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. “Do you think they’re paralysed?”

    “Yes, in the purple zone.”
  2. Can someone tell me what a Purple Zone is, please?
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  3. I won't be coming back to this.
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  4. I think some of you are being a bit special.
    I’m enjoying it for what it is, 2 bands that have been around for 40 years making a pop song that has my toe tapping.
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  5. pdf


    well it sounds like PSB making the best of a mediocre Soft Cell track.
  6. You all clicked play?
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  7. Well, I will be returning to this. Repeatedly.

    Give me the Hi-NRG 90s ciggery that I need!
  8. I love it too, it's giving Always On My Mind meets A Red Letter Day so I will be using.
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  9. I also actually quite like it, loving the HI-NRG vibes.
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  10. PEt Shop Boys + Soft Cell cdsingle ! I want it !
    I go to the official store and the release date is Nov 11 ! NOVEMBER ??? 8 months to press a cd ? When the digital version is already available ? Oh dear!
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  11. Hey Petheads and Cellmates, for those who are not so keen to spend more time in the Purple Zone I quickly knocked up a cheap, filthy mash-up of Rent and A Man Could Get Lost.
    Of course I first tried to mix up A Man Could Get Lost And Arrested, but those don´t mix well, apart from the title.
    This mix was finished after 4 tries and to me it sounds much better then the "long awaited collab of synth-pop giants". I have also a mix of Rent and Heat (almost) ready and I might put it up asap.
    Here it comes:
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  12. Due to vinyl delays apparently, according to SDE:

    “The good news is that physical formatshave been announced. There’s a four-track CD single and a four-track 12-inch vinyl. The latter has two Pet Shop Boys remixes not available on the CD. The bad news – that might elicit a Purple Groan – is that there is a glacial wait, until November, for these to be released. Not just the vinyl, CD fans still have to wait as well, even though the delay is of course largely to do with vinyl production logjams. These physical formats don’t appear to be available via standard retail channels, by the way.”
  13. I like Purple Zone even though I don't know what a purple zone is. Regardless, for a collaboration it sounds so Pet Shop Boys. Poor Soft Cell!
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  14. I was expecting it to be horrible but I actually loved it.

    Also I may not be in the Purple Zone but would do just about anything to be in that tub...
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  15. [​IMG]

    Thinking again about the way this is better than most other acts' greatest hits.
  16. So, here´s the sequel: Rent! Heat!
  17. Thinking again about the way this is better than their greatest hits
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  18. The accuracy of this post. I often rave about Kylie’s b-sides being stellar but the lads have an untouchable discography of b-sides that is only spoilt by The Sound Of The Atom Splitting. The way that Shameless is stronger than most of Very is mind boggling- and I say that even as Very remains my favourite PSB album that doesn’t have lead vocals from Liza Minnelli.
  19. This is huge for them.

    I mean, "West End girls" is beyond tired at this point, but I loved this.
  20. The fact they have enough b-sides for a third double disc B-Side collection is quite the feat too.
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