Pet Shop Boys


Thinking again about the way this is better than most other acts' greatest hits.

Including the PSB's own! (Which is in the best 10 greatest hits ever itself).
Most of my least-fave PSB tracks on albums tended to be the singles, so Alternative showcases the PSB that I preferred, overall. But of course in general terms it's not as flawless or definitive.
Nice little film. Made me very nostalgic for CK One nad CKbe - I think they were two of the first fragrances I ever got as a present from my Mum. Great memories, made me feel very sophisticated for a little lad from the middle of nowhere.

Who didn't wear CK1 and B? I even buy it now if I see it on airports and it's cheap.
My main memory is being in the army and people wearing it like it was taboo because it was unisex dd.