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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Alasdair McLellan? Worra legend
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  2. I love the anecdote that the mastering engineer assumed it was the A side when he was cutting "Opportunities".
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  3. mpl


    Has anyone received postal tickets for the tour yet?
  4. Ours came back in March 2020, literally 3 days before lockdown. Having bought them in Sep 2019. Crikey.
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  5. mpl


    Thanks, which venue?
  6. London O2
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  7. Did anyone get their copy of Annually yet? I’m in Ireland and haven’t received it yet. Hoping it hasn’t fallen foul of the Brexit customs issues.
  8. jtm


    I got it. Still need to check it for delicious Brit award gossip though.
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  9. Yeah, came a couple of weeks ago.
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  10. Discography 3cd Australian only reissue?
    1. West End Girls
    2. Love Comes Quickly
    3. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
    4. Suburbia
    5. It's A Sin
    6. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
    7. Rent
    8. Always On My Mind
    9. Heart
    10. Domino Dancing
    11. Left To My Own Devices
    12. It's Alright
    13. So Hard
    14. Bering Boring
    15. Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)
    16. Jealousy
    17. DJ Culture
    18. Was It Worth It?
    1. Can you forgive her?
    2. Go West
    3. I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing (SevenInch Version)
    4. Liberation
    5. Yesterday, when I was mad (Single Version)
    6. Paninaro 95
    7. Before
    8. Se a Vida è
    9. Single-Bilingual
    10. A red letter day
    11. Somewhere
    12. I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more
    13. New York City boy (US radio edit)
    14. You only tell me you love me when you're drunk
    15. Home and dry
    16. I get along (radio edit)
    17. Miracles (Radio Edit)
    18. Flamboyant (7 Mix)
    1. I'm with stupid
    2. Minimal (radio edit)
    3. Numb (Single Edit)
    4. Love etc
    5. Did you see me coming?
    6. Together (Ultimate mix)
    7. It doesn't often snow at Christmas (new version)
    8. Winner
    9. Leaving
    10. Memory of the future (new single mix)
    11. Vocal
    12. Love is a bourgeois construct (Nighttime radio edit)
    13. Thursday (feat. Example) (radio edit)
    14. The pop kids (radio edit)
    15. Twenty-something (radio edit)
    16. Say it to me (new radio mix)
    17. Dreamland (feat. Years & Years)
    18. Monkey business (radio edit)
    19. I don't wanna (radio edit)
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  11. Seems to be out already (6 May) but I can not find anything about this release except the two links you posted. I hope this is real, I would love to get this.
  12. That looks a really good compilation, and nicely continues on the discography. Are they back with Parlophone then? Just with it mixing the later singles with everything pre-2013 (unless Parlophone/Warners have merely licensed the later stuff).
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  13. This looks great, if only it had How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously
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  14. Amazing collection... but if only The Way It Used To Be had been a single and included here, too. My 2nd all-time Pet Shop favorite after Being Boring.
  15. It Couldn't Happen Here is on Sky Arts next Friday at 9pm.
  16. It’ll make a change from the André Rieu concert which never ends.
  17. I posted in the wrong thread about it being on Sky Arts so I'm switching it to here.

    I turned on to Sky Arts as it was beginning. Having owned NOW 11 on VHS and knowing the You Were Always On My Mind video very well since age 9 it's so nice to finally see this and make as much sense as I can from this glorious piece of nonsense. Barbara Windsor getting covered in fried eggs was always a highlight (and great fun to watch in reverse at normal speed) but I at least know why that happened!
  18. About Disco 2,
    Go West (Farley & Heller Mix) 3:40
    it's obviously an edit.
    But I can't find a Farley & Heller mix.
    So, is it an edit of
    Go West (Farley & Heller Disco Mix) [6:01]
    Go West (Farley And Heller Fire Island Mix) [7:43]
  19. I think it's a sped-up excerpt from the former. But I'm probably wrong. The two mixes are very similar.
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