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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Thanks a lot !
  2. Why isn’t this thread called Pet Shop Boys, Generally?
  3. It used to be! But someone renamed it without understanding the levels of it all!
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  4. Pet Shop Boys, the way it used to be.
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  6. Wow, great !
  7. Well, it looks like a new album/EP/release is not coming so soon...

    Pet Shop Boys are excited to announce new 2023 UK and European dates for their critically acclaimed tour, “Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live”.

    The new tour dates kick off with a show in Rome on 13th June 2023 before taking in cities across the continent including Dublin, Paris, Helsinki and Copenhagen, closing in Gothenburg on 9th July 2023. The dates also include a new UK show in Brighton on 26th June, alongside dates already announced in London, Aberdeen, Liverpool and Leeds.

    Pre-sale tickets are available from 9am CET this Wednesday, 30th November. The general ticket sale starts at 9am CET on Thursday, 1st December. Link below.

    The new 2023 #Dreamworld dates in full are:

    13th June – Auditorium Parco della Musica - Roma Cavea, Rome, Italy
    15th June – L'Olympia, Paris, France
    19th June – 3Arena , Dublin, Ireland
    26th June – Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK
    1st July – LANXESS arena, Cologne, Germany
    4th July – Helsinki Ice Hall, Finland
    7th July – Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark
    9th July – Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden
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  8. They are doing Lanxess Arena in Cologne? Okay...last time I saw them live in Cologne was in 2009 at Palladium. Lanxess Arena is literally three times as big. I guess the tour must have been going quite a bit better than I would have expected.
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  9. Well in 2009 they played two (3,000 cap or so) dates in Greece. No act does that, a greek tour. They were in their go whenever era.
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  10. It's literally banger after banger after banger.
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  11. I think they’re capitalising on the current ticket prices, where they probably only need to fill half an arena to make a profit. The Spanish concerts were half full and went on without a hitch or a threat of cancellation!
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  12. They are due a new album though, as it will be three years in January since Hotspot. I think the most they’ve ever gone is four years between albums (between Release and Fundamental; and Super and Hotspot)? I can’t think of many acts that are as consistent as that over 37 years or so (though probably loads!)
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  13. Mad really, the evolution from Behaviour to Nightlife, being only eight years, but four albums.
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  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they had written tons of songs during the pandemic and since. I guess they are recouping their losses after the tour was postponed and that show is an absolute winner, it will get bums on seats. But can we have an album as well, please, Neil and Chris?
  15. I imagine that they're catching up with lost time, and who could blame them really? The tour is brilliant and has been really popular so far. I reckon they'll have been writing as well, in the down time. There's a big gap until these newer dates. I wonder if they'll record the new album at the start of next year?
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  16. No more Stuart Price please!
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  17. Call MNEK, Honey Dijon and RAYE.
  18. They can get all three on, but it'll still sound like PSB.
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  19. But gayer
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  20. The 2023 edition of Annually is available to pre-order. Comes with a free CD again this time and there's an optionally t-shirt should you be so inclined.
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