Pet Shop Boys

I have a fondness for Release as I saw PSB live in my home city twice during that era. Would love them to do a theatre tour again.
They/them, he/him
Release isn’t for me but The Night I Fell In Love is incredible.

Other that that, I love the Disco 3 Mix of Here and the Blank & Jones Mix of Home & Dry.
I adore Release too. Still one of my favourite albums of theirs.
The intimate Release Tour was great too - saw them at DeMontfort Uni. Was there ever a formal release of any live stuff from that tour? Think there was a radio 2 broadcast but not much else? Disco Potential live was worth the price of admission alone.
They just started recrding a new album... Can they really release another GH ? A single boxset would be amazing, but it would include too many discs ! Even an 80s single boxset wuld be quite packed...
I would absolutely be here for singles boxsets (plural, spaced over some months)!
Could this also be a release of the Dreamland Tour on Bluray?