Pet Shop Boys

Haha - well, the production and overall vibe is quite different, so I'd still suggest to check it out.
I just did (who am I kidding). I Will Fall is indeed quite a good song, but suffers from their demo production style (When will they get rid of this?!)
But then we´re back to super evil polka on Skeletons and self parody on Kaputnik (is this a dig at Dan Bejar?)
- The Boys are planning a "Disco 5" album of the remixes they've done for other artists, much like "Disco 4" was. This would include Paul Weller's "Cosmic Fringes", Wolfgang Tillmans and Claptone remixes. They drop heavy hints they'd want to include both the tracks they did for Noel Gallagher on it. Neil says "I've got a tracklisting on my phone. It's just a matter of scheduling".

- They did two mixes for Noel Gallagher and don't understand why the better one isn't on his new album (the one that is included is on the deluxe version only but will also be on a 12"). Gallagher himself says it was because it sounded more like PSB than Noel Gallagher, but that it will get released at some stage, probably on a Record Store Day release down the road. (PSBs clearly want it to be on Disco 5).

- A new updated version of their "Catalogue" book is planned for next year.

- They're planning a new musical around a Hans Christian Anderson story ("String Driven Thing").

- They wrote at least two albums worth of songs during lockdown which was prep for the album they're now working on with Depeche Mode producer James Ford. The album will be "very tuneful, less electronic-sounding. Strings will be returning. It's more autobiographical looking back".

- Neil has got into programming and bought himself a cheap keyboard which meant he was able to write a lot more songs this time round.

- They plan to tour in countries they've never been before.

- There might be a new production of "Closer to Heaven".

- They hint that there might be a "new project" with New Order who they really like and enjoyed touring with (which was apparently Chris' idea).
Bit worried, now. Ok, no confirmation order mail. But no shipping mail, neither. But the order was placed.
I did receive both an order confirmation e-mail and a shipping e-mail. Perhaps you could look into your store account to see the status of the order?